Monday, May 24, 2010

PRAY FOR CROATIA, (Listed May 24, 2010)

Croatia has many shipping ports and depends on revenues from the shipping industries. Some of its ports are losing money and controlling interest may have to be sold to foreign companies.
1) Let us pray for the shipping business in Croatia. First we ask for Croatian privateers to find financial sources to invest. Give them open doors to more shipping markets. Lord, we also ask for Christians to fine favor in transport and shipping.
2) Lord, we pray for economic stability in Croatia. May wise government ministers and captains of industry take positions of leadership.

Croatia is where the East and West meet. It is a border land of two cultures. The language is an example; Slavic but written in Roman characters. It is part of the Balkans, which taken together geographically, seems to be the birth place of contention. Many huge conflicts have come out of this area that pulls relationally many other nations into the fray. The Balkans has always been where the strongest lines of defense have been drawn and penetrated along ethnic boundaries. Currently, many of the Balkan Nations are asking for EU membership and are unable to move forward into their place of promise without a new mindset over racial issues. (Some of the following prayers are taken from this website. Also see this webpage for insight on praying for Croatia: )

3) We believe God for a new day for Croatia. Lord two cultures and two areas of the world can be reached from there. Lord release more multi-ethnic ministries from Croatia.
Lord, You say that on Judgment Day, tribes and nations will stand before You. This does not sound like multicultural empires. We just pray against political/economic entanglements that bring a curse not a blessing.
4) Pray for the strategies of the Lord to be released to the pastors of Croatia and for them to rise up and stand as the Army of the Lord.
5) Let there be unity among Pastors and Priest. Let them humble themselves before one another, being willing to wash the feet of their peers.
6) Pray that the Croatian Christians would believe in the new day coming. Lord, release expectancy in their hearts.
7) Pray for worship to be energized and fervent in the churches so that heaven and earth connect.
8) Pray for Signs, Wonders and Miracles to demonstrate the Word of the Lord in the Croatian churches.
9) Pray for the Catholic church of Croatia. Like a lot of European countries the people have a false sense of salvation because of the state church. People believe that because they were baptized as a child then that is all that is required of them. Lord, convict the priests (the shepherds) of what Your word really says about being saved by faith, and faith alone. What great damnation is set aside for those that falsely led others!

10) Every year a flood of tourist come to the Adriatic Sea along the Croatian coast to vacation. That season is starting as we pray.
11) Lord, give the Christians a strategy to present the gospel to the vacationers. Release to these people a vacation that will never end.
12) The Croatian churches are good about ministering to children. As they are planning their summer programs, pray that they may devise ways to reach out to the un-churched children in the cities and villages. Many children look forward to the summer camps; this year Lord, pour out your Spirit like never before.
13) Like Serbia, Croatia sacrificed much to hold back the spread of Islam in centuries past. Pray that Croatia may once again stand strong against cults and false religions.
As radio and television stations in Croatia seek out content to fill their air time, there is opportunity for gospel programming. Lord, we ask for the release of creativity to produce broadcasts that reach the populace right where they are at. Not religious but spiritually alive with relevant content that speaks to the hearts of the people.

NOTE: I keep getting emails from pastors in the Balkans saying, “God is starting to move here,” and “Peoples’ hearts are changing.” Don’t stop praying, God is on the move in the Balkans.

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