Monday, January 27, 2014

Pray for Serbia

Week of Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2014

Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

In the News: ‘Belgrade Jews – Life and the Holocaust’ exhibition opened
BELGRADE – The exhibition entitled “Belgrade Jews – Life and the Holocaust” (Beogradski Jevreji – Zivot i Holokaust) opened in the Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade late on Friday to mark the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27.

Opening the exhibition, Prime Minister Ivica Dacic underscored that prejudice and hatred in Europe have deep roots and that they have to be countered by efforts aimed at reconciliation between nations and their joint future.  

1)    Nearly seventy years later, Serbia is remembering their Jewish citizens that perished during World War II. This may not be done for spiritual reasons, nevertheless the Lord is pleased. Let us pray that everyone who visits the exhibition be touched and personally make a commitment to accept the slogan, “Never again”.
2)    During the Kosovo conflict the Serbian military was accused of genocide against the Albanians.  True or not, we know the disrespect of other people groups comes from extreme nationalism. Let us pray for Serbia to develop a healthy nationalism that brings out their God given strengthens to bless other nationalities. 
3)    Serbia will likely play a key role in changing the hearts of many Balkan nations. What I hear the Lord saying is, “When a redemptive voice comes out of Belgrade the other Balkan nations will be amazed and humbled.” Oh, Lord pour out Your Spirit all across Serbia.
4)    Serbia needs revival, and for that Serbia needs revivalists, men and women that are broken for their countrymen. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit would raise up evangelists for Serbia.
5)    Let us pray for the evangelical churches of Serbia. May they be beacons of hope who are willing to pay any price necessary in order to see revival. May the Holy Spirit have the freedom to move through each congregation with instruction and power.
6)    May their pastors be sensitive to the needs of the people.  Let the pastors always hear from God and deliver fresh revelation.
7)    So that the Tabernacle of David can be raised up in Serbia, let us pray for powerful prayer warriors and anointed worship leaders to come forth.
8)    Lord, we ask for children’s ministry leaders that know how to bring the children to Your lap. Lord, seal their minds with a Biblical worldview that can’t be shaken by the secular.
9)    Let us pray for the schools in Serbia to be totally open to the Gospel. Let us pray that Christians would prepare themselves to teach in the public schools.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pray for Romania

Week of Jan. 20-26, 2014

We just returned from Romania after a successful outreach to the Roma (Gypsy) people in the Transylvanian area, where we shared the gospel with teenagers in the public school, we taught hygiene and health to women and we brought coats, boots and groceries to some of the poorest Roma we have ever seen. Many opened their hearts and received Jesus as their personal savior. We had fifteen on the team and we partnered with the Romanian Buckner Foundation. They have an after school program for Roma children and a monthly program with the mothers.

Buckner also has a group home (mini orphanage) where they have full custody of five children and are about to adopt three more. What an honor it was to server along the Buckner staff. They are true heroes.

Let us Pray:
1)    Lord, we ask that You bless European Initiative and the donors that helped financially underwrite the outreach. May the Lord poor out a double portion of His blessings upon them.
2)    Let us pray for each individual that gave of their time, money and skills to go on this trip. Some didn’t even know what they could give but the Holy Spirit flowed through them because of their availability.
3)    We pray for each life we were able to touch on this outreach. God has a plan for their lives and desires to secure in their hearts the hope that was ministered to them. Pray that the seed will be protected, watered and nurtured by sincere follow-up.
4)    It is so important to pray for those doing the follow-up. Lets pray for the staff and employees of  Buckner, as well as the two churches who were involved with the work. Pray that the follow-up team would really take into their hearts those that we made contact with. May they be empowered by the gifts of the Spirit to nurture these young Christians.
5)    Let us ask the Lord to cover Transylvania and especially the Targu Mures area. The enemy lost many souls this past week and the Kingdom was displayed to many.
6)    Pray for Romania as a country for the Lord has blessed that land. According to Operation World, Romania has over 5% evangelicals; which is a much greater count than any other country in the Balkans.  While there, I was praying for the country and I felt the Lord say that He had performed a special work of humility in the people during communist days and now they are capable of richly displaying His goodness.

As some of you know, Zuzanna and I arrived to Romania a few days early so we could complete final preparations and scout out the land.  Prior to leaving for Romania, I was sick and it was just not getting better. By the first day of the outreach, my situation deteriorated so much so, that I ended up in the emergency room.  I had Bronchial Pneumonia and by the grace of God, after five days of steroid and antibiotics through IV, I am slowly feeling better. Let me just tell you though, that God met with me in a special way. Although I was uncomfortable, week and coughed a lot, I was able to wage war on behalf of the team. The team’s testimonies and the incredible unity throughout the trip made us realize that this was my assignment for this specific outreach.

As we are now setting up a base in the Balkans, there will be many opportunities for you to join one of our outreaches. Please pray about becoming a financial partner or perhaps being a part of one of the teams.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Week of Jan. 13-19, 2014
Evangelicals: 300, 0.0005% of population

Is Montenegro the least evangelized country in the world? It very well could because there are estimated to be only about 300 evangelicals in the whole country; three churches and some small home groups. There are Orthodox and Catholic churches but the people are far from being spiritually taught and delivered from the power of sin..
  1. Lord, we know it is in Your heart to reach the Montenegrin people. You desire to be lifted up in Montenegro. Lord, show us how to pray and send help.
  2. Let us pray for intercessors and prayer-walkers to be burdened for the many Montenegrins that do not know Jesus. May they pray through to the point of dominion over the enemies’ territorial bondage. Lord, let the enemies’ days be numbered; we demand he release the people.
  3. Let us pray for labors to be raised up to go to Montenegro. Holy Spirit, send out a Montenegrin Call and draw Christians to give their lives for this dry land.
  4. Lord, we ask for church planters to get a burden for the towns and villages of Montenegro. Lord, send Your “gathers”.
  5. Let us pray for the few churches and the small home groups. Lord, let grace be their portion at this time. Lord, release hope and expectation in their mist.
  6. What if, Orthodox and Catholic priest started having dreams and visions of the Word replacing icons and statues. Let us honor the painter and sculpture for their skilled representation of the Gospel, but it is the Word that can set Montenegrins free.
Ministry Prayer: Zuzanna and I arrived in Romania today and was met by our host. We started scouting out the stores where we can but shoes, coats, etc. for the humanitarian outreach.
Please Pray:

1. For the teams safe and healthy travel to Romania on Wed.1/16.
2. For ministry to the women; we are sharing health concerns, issues and prevention.
3. Ministry in the schools; sharing the danger of vises that can destroy ones life.
4. House to house distribution of clothing and food items among the very poor.
5. Attending and sharing in a gypsy (Roma) church on Sunday.
6. Pray that in every situation we will have the freedom to share Jesus and see many accept Him.

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Monday, January 06, 2014

Pray for Macedonia

Week of Jan. 6-12, 2014

Be sure and read my Personal Note at the end.

In the News: Macedonians debate anti-tax evasion measures
Police arrested seven members of a 14-member organized crime group and charged them with defrauding the state by 32 million euros in unpaid taxes and other crimes, creating a discussion about the effectiveness of Macedonia's anti-tax evasion measures.

 The criminal group is charged with paying 500 people 10 euros each to form new companies and issue fictitious invoices that claim they sold scrap metals to two companies the group owns.

In past prayer directives concerning corruption in Macedonia, we had prayed the following prayers on the following dates:

2-14-2011 [Because of high unemployment] People are going to find a way to make money even if it is illegal. Lord, we pray that the black-market businesses would dry up and be replaced by a righteous economic standard.

7-2-2012 It is believed that the gray-market business in Macedonia is 40% of the economy, which can breed corruption. Lord, we pray for the exposure of those involved in dishonest trade.

12-17-2012 The wicked persecute the poor because they are an easy target. Let us pray that the wicked of Macedonia would be humbled before the poor.  Lord, expose the financial schemes that are designed to rob the poor.

Let us pray along the following points this week:

1)    Corruption is such an evil scar on any society. Lord, we thank You for answering prayers in exposing this crime group.
2)    Lord, we pray that You would root out the crime organizations in Macedonia. May they stumble like the above crime group. They would stumble in such a way that even corrupt politicians and judges could not protect them.
3)    Evidently the law agency that rounded up this crime group were men of principle following the law. Let us pray for many more honest and righteous men and women to go into government and law enforcement.

Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:16-17NIV

4)    How can men wash and make themselves clean? Only by submitting to the Lord as it is His blood that cleanses us from sin. Let us pray for men’s hearts in Macedonia to be cleansed by submitting to the redemptive power of God.
5)    Let us pray for all the oppressed, widows, orphans to be visited by Jesus’ peace.  Lord, we pray for dreams, visions and divine encounters with Christians for all those suffering from injustice. (Orthodox Christmas is in January)
6)    It is time for the oppressed to be lifted up in Macedonia. Let us pray for those 500 that were used by that criminal organization. May a special seed of grace be planted in their hearts.

7)    Let us pray for the next generation of Christian leaders in Macedonia. May the 60 year olds lead forth following those that have gone on before. May the 40 year olds be disciplined in all their service to the house of God. May the 20 year olds be full of fire for God, not giving the devil any rest. The children, may they be nurtured in the love of the Lord.

Personal Note:  2013 was truly a year of transition and a new year with new opportunities is now before us. My prayer is that you will make giant steps toward fulfilling your destiny in His Kingdom. May the Lord share His heart with you and give you insight in your times of intercession.

Last week there was no prayer directive because we were making our move to Croatia. Thank you for your prayers because the move we made was intense. We liquidated 90% of our belongings. Zuzanna made the statement yesterday, “It is like we are newlyweds starting out, having to furnish our home from scratch.” We appreciate your prayers for His grace and provision in this process.