Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pray for Turkey

The reports are encouraging from Turkey that many are coming to Jesus. There is an invasion into the Muslim world and Turkey is a gateway.

1) Lord, first we lift up the brothers and sisters that have committed their lives “even unto death” to share You with others.
a. Let us pray for their protection, not only from the authorities but their families that have rejected them because they want to follow Jesus.
b. Lord, bless them as they have to have to leave their families for the sake of the Kingdom. They are truly worthy of much grace.
c. Matthew 10:37
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. This is a hard verse, but let us pray for those that have to stand on this verse, may they have strength not to shrink back.

2) Lord protect those called to pass out New Testaments in the market places of Turkey.
a. Lord, we ask that angels would ride upon these New Testaments and direct them to the hearts that the Holy Spirit has softened.
b. Lord, protect these NTs from the eyes of devious Muslim zealots.

3) Thank You Lord for the prayer-houses that have been raised up in Turkey. Let Your power fall in their mist. Give them an open heaven in their dark surroundings.

4) Lord, we ask for the elevation of dedicated Christians to positions of responsibilities in institutions all over Turkey. We are asking for godly wisdom that sets in order secular systems. May these saints be found irreplaceable and honor will be given them.

5) Let us pray for the missionaries that the Lord has sent to Turkey. May they not be discouraged but that there would be a miracle for them every day. May their vision be sharpened. Lord, we pray for their supporters; May they be blessed and be assured they are part of Your fulfillments.

Please leave a comment or reaction to let us know you prayed, Thanks.

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Legend of the Fourth Nail
(I believe these stories to be a curse on the Roma people)

The legend of the fourth nail is a very old story told among Gypsies and it has many variants. The story goes that a very long time ago a traveling blacksmith was working in the holy land. One day, a soldier came to him and placed an order for four nails. That night the blacksmith had a dream in which an old man directed him to make four nails but to only give the soldier three of them, saving the fourth one for himself.

Taking the dream to be a sign from God, the following morning the blacksmith wrapped three nails in a cloth and gave them to the soldier. It came to pass that the nails were intended for the crucifixion of Christ and the fourth nail would have pierced his heart bring instant death. In return for sparing Jesus the pain of the fourth nail, God granted the blacksmith and all his descendants the right to steal. The blacksmith was a gypsy.

In some stories the blacksmith has a daughter whose gift of foresight allows her to see the true purpose of the nail and begs her father to only give the soldier three nails to which he agrees. In this instant God not only forgives the gypsies for their petty crimes and theft, but also grants the gift of prophecy to them. In other stories, a gypsy steals one of the four nails and uses it to repair his wagon. God curses the gypsy to roam the earth for the sin of stealing, but grants them the right to steal in order to survive.