Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pray for the Roma (Gypsy) People
(Jan. 9-15, 2011)

I want you to pray for my trip/outreach to Romania where we will be reaching out to impoverished gypsies that live in the mountains. Also pray for European Initiative, a ministry based in Berlin, Germany that has organized this outreach. This will be the fourth year for EI, www.europeaninitiative.com, to sponsor this effort to reach those that have mainly been rejected in their culture. There will be seven team members from the Dallas, Texas area and four members from Berlin. I was the only one from America on the team last year. I am so happy to see my wife going this year; she in fluent in the Hungarian language and will be able to communicate with the Hungarians in the area.

We will arrive in the Romanian capitol of Bucharest on Jan. 12th in the afternoon. The village we are going to is about 200 miles north of Bucharest. On the way we will stop at a Walmart-type superstore and buy coats, scarves, gloves and winter hats. Enough money was donated for this purpose so we will almost buy them out. We will fill a large van up with these new items.

Late that evening we will arrive in Apata and go straight to the hotel. The next morning, Jan. 13th we will meet at the church we are co-operating with, Church on a Hill. We will then sort the coats, scarves, gloves, hats and winter boots. The boots/shoes have already been bought. The 13th, 14th and 15th we will go out to the designated villages to bring warmth to bodies and souls.

Ministry will include the showing of the “Jesus Film” in civic buildings and church buildings, house to house evangelism plus witnessing in the streets. The real exciting part is the house to house evangelism.

We go into a village and find a place to park the trailer full on clothes. Then we team up into teams of four, us foreigners and the volunteers from Church on a Hill. The volunteers help us tremendously with logistics and translation. Two of us will go to a home where we will be graciously invited in. These people are so friendly. We will spend thirty minutes to an hour getting to know them and then let the Holy Spirit minister to them through us. We believe many will get saved and healed. Most homes will be very small with no plumbing and a small stove that acts as the only heat. Most of these homes are just one room. After we have prayed with the family, the other two members of the team will come in and take the sizes of the people and then go to the trailer for the items to give them. Also there will be situations where we may go to a larger home where many families will gather.

Last year I went to a home where three families were gathered. The Lord blessed that house with 15 people giving their lives to Jesus. It was amazing.

So please pray for this outreach and the team the Lord is bringing together. Apata is in the Transylvania area of Romania. So the spiritual climate of the area is very oppressive.

1) Pray that the team will quickly get into unity and be ready to work together.

2) Pray that the Jesus Film will touch many hearts.

3) Pray for divine direction to the homes God want us to visit.

4) Pray for the softening of the people’s hearts.

5) Pray for a smooth and accurate flow of translation.

6) Pray for miracles of healing.

7) Pray for the casting out of demons.

8) Pray that the people will be set free from the bondage of the enemy.

9) Pray that the ground that our feet tread upon will be claimed for Jesus.

10) Pray that us foreigners, especially us from Texas, will adapt to the extreme cold quickly. (Estimated to be below freezing most of the time we are there.)

11) Pray for the follow-up after the foreign team leaves. May home churches and churches be organized in the villages. (Some of these villages already have a home church group. Our main purpose is to reach out to those in the villages that have not been reached before, especially the extremely poor. We will then connect them with Church on a Hill and let them establish home churches if the village does not have one.)

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