Monday, March 03, 2014

Pray for Albania

Week of March 3-9, 2014

In praying for Albania I was led to look for heroes. I found two whose stories intrigued me. One is Ded Coku, an Albanian freedom fighter and the other Aubrey Herbert, an Englishman who loved Albania and represented her in many world courts.

Mr. Zef Coku [Ded Coku’s son] said recently through a translator. ''My father cried out before he died, 'Long life to Albania,' and he made the sign of the cross. But in the end, the Communists had their way.''

Let us take inspiration from a fallen hero of Albania, Ded Coku. He was executed when the communist took over in 1945.

Impeccably aristocratic and eccentric in a uniquely English tradition, Aubrey Herbert was at first sight an incongruous champion of Albanian nationalism, to say the least. Tall, slender and slightly stooped, with a mustache and heavily lidded eyes, within England - let alone abroad - he cut a colorful figure. But Herbert was also an acclaimed linguist, intrepid traveler and an outspoken and independent thinker, who became enthralled by the Balkans on his first visit to the region in 1904 as honorary attaché at the British Embassy in Constantinople. From that time until his death in 1923, he was unrelenting in campaigning for the Albanian cause. He returned frequently to the country and gained respect as an expert on the region. 

Aubrey Herbert was twice offered the throne of Albania. On the first occasion, just before World War I, …the second occasion the crown was offered was after the defeat of the Italian Army by the Albanians in September 1920. Again the offer was unofficial, though it was made on behalf of the Albanian government. The National Library of Albania in Tirana was once named after Herbert, as was a village in the country.

1)    Let us pray blessings upon Albania, a country greatly misunderstood but greatly loved by the Lord. Because Abraham is a blessing to all nations let us pray the Abrahamic blessing. 1)    Genesis 12:2  I will make you a great nation; I will bless you And make your name great; And you shall be a blessing.
2)    Let us pray for heroes to emerge who will give themselves like Ded Coku did for Albania. Christian or secular may they work toward the good of Albania.
3)    May those who have been influenced by a Biblical worldview rise to the top of every institution in Albanian society. Lord, release in Christians a sense of duty and service to country.
4)    May the churches rise up and touch the social fabric of Albania. Give the pastors vision and strategies to communicate the gospel to the population.
5)    Let us pray for friends of Albania. People like Aubrey Herbert that went beyond the call of duty to see that justice was extended to Albania. May foreigners of influence be sympathetic toward Albania.
6)    Lord, I ask You to put Albania on the hearts of Your church throughout the world. Not only that the saints would pray but they would go or send others. Just as Paul (Ro. 15:19) went to Albania (Illyricum) 2,000 years ago, may others hear the call today.
7)    Investment is coming into the country, although slowly. Let us pray that these assets would not only be invested wisely but that productivity in the country would rise.

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