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Pray for Bosnia Herzegovina

Week of June 16-22, 2014

In the News: Emirates Red Crescent distributes more than Dh5m in Bosnia
The Emirates Red Crescent, through its office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has distributed Dh5,142,200 (about $1,400,000). The amount covers sponsorship of 4,274 orphans and 52 children with disabilities in 25 areas belonging to the municipalities of Sarajevo, Tuzla, and Bihac.

The Emirates Red Crescent office in Sarajevo is overseeing the orphan care programs, communicating with them and their supervisors to highlight ERC's keenness to follow up on their health conditions and educational and social development.

The authority also continues providing humanitarian assistance to those affected by the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, having reinforced its humanitarian and relief operations to provide greater care to those affected and to protect them from repercussions of the flood disaster. – Emirates News Agency, WAM

Report: American Red Cross Provides Assistance for Balkans Flooding
Posted June 06, 2014
The American Red Cross is contributing a total of $400,000 to support flood relief efforts in the Balkans, including shelter supplies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and distribution of food, relief items and water and sanitation activities in Serbia.

The following are Reports from UNICEF and other agencies.

CRITICAL ISSUES FOR CHILDREN: Bosnia and Herzegovina Floods: Humanitarian Situation Report - 12 June 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing its most challenging flood recovery due to the heaviest rains seen in the region for more than a century.

Based on the available assessments, 74 municipalities have been affected by the floods (42 in FBiH, 31 in RS, and BD). Amongst these, 9 have been ‘severely affected’ (Samac, Odzak, Orasje, Brcko, Bijeljina, Doboj, Maglaj, Zepce, Domaljevac-Samac), where more than 50% of the affected population and children lives. In these 74 municipalities, more than 320,000 people have been affected including:
• 60,000 children aged 0-18
• 16,000 children aged 0-5.

According to information from Roma NGOs, more than 800 Roma families have been affected by floods. They were identified as one of the most vulnerable groups even before the floods. UNICEF team visited: Samac, Odzak, Brcko, Bjeljina, Doboj, Maglaj, Domaljevac-Samac, Olovo, Tuzla, Sapna, Prijedor, Gradiska, Zivinice and Vogosca.
According to the latest IOM information, 1,560 persons are placed in 39 collective centres (963 in FBiH in 22 centers and 532 in RS in 14 centers) including 276 children (56 aged 0-4 and 220 aged 5-17) but this number is decreasing every day..

Preliminary UN estimation shows that it will cost about USD 210 million to cover immediate priority needs for the next six months in Bosnia Herzegovina, alone, after devastating floods hit the region.
FLOODS  BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Humanitarian Situation Report 12 June 2014


According to the International Medical Corps ‘Rapid Assessment’ of the flood affected areas, 18 health care facilities (both rural and urban) have been damaged. This will impact health services for about 170,000 people. The needs for each health facilities vary greatly from minor damage to total destruction of supplies and equipment. 

At European Initiative, we have received generous donations to help with the floods. We  partnered with an organization called Churches in Action to deliver much needed food and water supplies through Christian churches in Serbia, but the need is just as great in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. We are currently arranging the delivery of urgently needed supplies, and we are positioning ourselves now, in order to assist long term by mobilizing teams who can help with clean up and rebuilding. We see many Christians showing a desire to go help.

Prayer Points

1)    Regardless of what we believe about God’s involvement in this flood, God has a greater purpose. Lord, we pray for a complete restoration for the families and the economy of Bosnia Herzegovina (B&H).
2)    We see these and other relief organizations and of course the European Union coming in to bring immediate relief. Of course they don’t provide God’s love and the human touch is only felt briefly.
3)    It is disappointing to see that the Muslim world is “all in” and supplying millions of Dollars (there are many others not mentioned above) in aid, yet the Christian community has been slow to get involved. The Balkans is the least evangelized part of the world today. This is our time to be the hands and feet of Christ in word and deed. Lord, wake up the Christian community worldwide, may we unite to bring the gospel and the love of Jesus to the hurting in the Balkans.
4)    The UNICEF report above shows the effect the flood has on children and the medical facilities. Let us pray that the effected hospitals and clinics would quickly get repaired, cleaned up and adequate donations of medical equipment. May the bureaucracy of the government not stand in the way of any aid reaching its destination.
5)    Pray that churches and Christians in B&H will be strengthened physically and spiritually as they focus on helping their fellow countrymen.
6)    The evangelical churches in B&H are small and very few. Let us pray for massive help from Christians throughout the world.
7)    Pray that European Initiative – Balkans will have open doors to organize sources of relief, delivery and follow-up. Pray for adequate funds to come in to meet these immediate needs and secure long term follow-up.
8)    Most of all we want the people to see Jesus as the Restorer of all things and especially may they receive Him as Lord of their lives.
9)    The time is now to evangelize Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lord, please stir up a passion to help the people of B&H.

Here at European Initiative we believe not only is immediate help imperative, but through long-term help, the Church can have a lasting impact. EI-Balkans, with our ability to organize teams for outreach, we look forward to mobilizing such teams to these devastated areas of Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. If you would like to be a part of a team, contact us at

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