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Listed June 21, 2010

When the Moldavian prince Stephen the Great won his first decisive victory against the Turks five and a quarter centuries ago, he decided to mark the occasion with a grand monastery and adorn its walls with the colorful work of artisans of the day. With his second victory came another monastery. With the third, yet another. Because of border changes these colorful monasteries are now in Northeast Romania.
– Let us think about this; A king builds houses for prayer, meditation and study of the Word to commemorate his victories. Oh, that we could have leaders like that now days. http://travel.nytimes.com/2010/06/20/travel/20cultured.html?partner=rss&emc=rss

1) Lord we pray for the leaders of Romania and ask You to direct their decisions. We look to these officials to maintain a civil atmosphere of peace so the Gospel can be freely preached.
- a. Pray for President, Traian BASESCU
- b. Pray for Prime Minister, Emil BOC
- c. Pray for all members of Parliament
- d. Especially pray for Min. of Culture & Religious Affairs, Kelemen HUNOR
2) Let us pray that government would not try to influence the churches but that the churches would fulfill their duty to raise up righteous leaders.
3) Let us pray for financial blessings for the people of Romania.
- a. May their fields be abundant with produce this summer.
- b. May their factories produce goods the world needs.
- c. May they lend and not borrow.

As we advance in Romanian history let us take an example from “The Lord‘s Army” (Oastea Domnului). In the 1920s there was a preist named Fr. Trifa. God began to move on his heart, and he began to see the need for spiritual awakening and repentance in Romania. He published a series of articles and books on this theme, and in January 1923 the foundations for the Lord’s Army were laid with an article he published in The Light of the Villages. The following years brought forth … remarkable transformation throughout the country: thousands of people, villagers and intellectuals alike, turned aside from worldly lives and turned to prayer and repentance. Taverns were converted into places of prayer, and entire villages were awakened to take their Orthodox faith seriously. In 1929 Fr. Trifa purchased a printing press, and for the next 15 years it turned out tracts, books, and calendars focused on prayer and repentance under the banner of the Lord’s Army. From most reports, during the communist years, although they had to go underground, they stayed true to the faith while other church organizations submitted to government control. http://jaspax.com/archives/2005/03/oastea-domnului-the-lords-army
4) Although the Lord’s Army has stayed within the Orthodox Church they have pointed many to the full-Gospel. Lord revive the Lord’s Army again. Every open door they have for the Gospel’s sake may they run through it.
5) There are many good things happening for the Gospel’s sake in Romania. Lord, we ask that every seed planted would yield a hundred-fold. Mark 4:8 But other seed fell on good ground and yielded a crop that sprang up, increased and produced: some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some a hundred.”
6) Lord raise up a glorious church in Romania where all expressions of faith can show Jesus’ love.

Back in May of 2009 we had prayed this prayer; “Let us pray about the diasporas of Romanians. This can be called a “brain drain”. Because of a lack of opportunity in Romania people left in search of [a] better future. Let us pray for the Christians that have left Romania. Lord we pray they not forget Romania but be moved to pray and ask You how they can sow seeds back into Romania. Lord we pray for a movement of Christians going back to Romania, pastors, evangelist and business entrepreneurs.” Last Sunday at church a former Romanian pastor, who had immigrated to the states a few years ago, told me his business was failing here and he was going back to Romania. I was so happy because when I first met Constantine years ago I just knew he and his family was to go back. (I wasn’t happy about his business failing)
7) Let us pray for Constantine Hateganu and his family as they return to Romania. May the Lord open doors of opportunity beyond his dreams. As he takes his entrepreneur spirit into his homeland, Lord just make a way for him to prosper and be at peace. Lord, I pray that you will give him the spiritual keys to the city he is going to.

8) Lord we pray for all the Pastors and Priest in Romania. Lord, supply them with their needs and those that “live to give” open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing they can’t contain.
The pastors have little theological training. Lord we ask that first of all these pastors be taught by the Holy Spirit and doors of Bible training be opened to them.
10) Let us pray for Apostles to be raised up in Romania. Apostles that will go throughout Romania establishing Churches that rest on sound Christian doctrine.
11) We pray for evangelism outreach to the children in Romania. Lord, work through the Christian summer camps. Lord, release finances for these camps so even more children can participate. Prepare the workers and reward them for giving of their time.
12) Let us remember the Gypsies in Romania and pray the revival among them would continue.

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