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Pray For Montenegro

1) Let us pray for the children of Montenegro. As Montenegro modernizes, there are many pitfalls for children.
a. Let us pray that the families would be strong and be a safe place for the children. Pray that parents would understand the new things children need to learn to survive in a modern world but not abandon their parental responsibilities.
b. There are outside forces that want to affect the children in the schools; one of them being UNICEF and their push for children’s rights. Pray that the children would not be taught to disrespect their parents but regard parental wisdom and guidance as essential to life. See NOTE #1
c. In the name of Jesus we come against the neglect of children in Montenegro. Lord, strike down those forces coming against the families; economic, alcohol and drug abuse, divorce, etc.
d. Lord, we ask for open doors to the schools for Christian organizations. May the evangelical churches have an extended burden for the children in their local areas.
e. Help the churches to develop programs to attract the Children.
f. Let us pray for the Summer Youth camps planned by the churches this summer. Lord, give the pastors and teachers planning wisdom.
g. May there be adequate finances for the camps. Help them to stretch their resources to bring maximum benefit to all the children involved.
h. Let us pray that there would be no fears by the parents in letting their children attend these camps. Lord, even reach the lost families through the children.
i. There is a need for the building of a permanent youth camp site. There are plans being drawn up for this; Let us pray for the finances, perfect site to build on, personnel and project management.

Bijelo Polje (is a town in northern Montenegro. It has a population of 15,883 (2003 census). Bijelo Polje is the center of the municipality of the same name (population of 50,284), which is part of geographical region of Sand┼żak. It is unofficial center of north-eastern region of Montenegro. Bijelo Polje means literally "White Field" in Serbian.

2) There is a church in Dallas, Texas (MacArthur Baptist) that is trying to plant a church in Bijelo Polje, Montenegro. This area of Sandzak is hard ground and there is already tension with the Muslims. Lord, we believe You can plow up this hard ground so the seeds of the Gospel can be planted.
3) Lord, we ask You to do an amazing work in Bijelo Polje and the Sandzak area. Raise up a church of Christians that will impact the area.
4) Lord we lift up the eastern side of Montenegro. There are also accusations between Montenegro and Kosovo over border lines. (See NOTE #2) Lord let there be peace in the Balkans and no more wars.
5) There was a request to pray for the Brethren Assembly in Montenegro. It seems that divisive forces and legalism are attacking the unity of the church. Lord, we pray that the head of the enemy that is trying to causing disunity be cut off. May the saints see Your forgiveness, Lord, and may they choose to forgive one another.
6) Lord, we ask You to touch the Brethren pastor in a special way. Give him hope and show him Your grace. Let the Holy Spirit flow through him and disarm his enemies.

NOTE #1: Read more concerning UNICEF, Promoting participation in Montenegro and the ‘Juvenile Justice System Reform’ Project at
NOTE #2: Bajram Rexhepi, interior minister of Kosovo, accused Montenegrin officials of turning a blind eye to the encroachment of its territory, according to the Friday edition of the Pristina daily Kosova Sot.

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