Monday, January 24, 2011

Pray for Bulgaria

Let us pray for the youth of Bulgaria.

There are two Youth ministries that have sprung up in Bulgaria that are multi-denominational in scope; New Wave and EMO.

New Wave is a Christian movement for youth and young adults. The highlight of the movement is an annual non-denominational summer camp. Each summer ‘wave’ includes contemporary praise and worship, teaching and fellowship. These three components are important. New Wave is making contributions to the Kingdom of God by raising up leaders in the areas of teaching, preaching and music ministry. They are also blessing the broader Christian community by developing music videos and other resources for use in local churches. New Wave has woven itself into the fabric of the Bulgarian Protestant Church, and is a vital point of connection and outreach for Bulgarian youth and young adults.

EMO, which is a Bulgarian acronym for Evangelical Youth Organization, began as a monthly prayer meeting of around 20 youth pastors and youth leaders. Their prayer time developed into sharing ideas and coordinating their various ministry activities. One development was an initiative called “Prayer 365”, which is an effort to mobilize Bulgaria’s Protestant churches to intercede for Bulgaria. By coordinating this initiative, EMO hopes to have at least one church fasting and praying for Bulgaria each day. They are also raising up a network of youth leaders throughout Bulgaria.

1) Let us just thank the Lord that He is moving in Bulgaria among the youth. The two reports mentioned above give great hope for the future of Bulgaria.

2) Lord we pray for unity among the leadership of both of these organizations. May they walk humbly before You Lord, giving honor to one another. Jesus said,
“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

3) As the staff of New Wave sits down to plan the camp/camps for this year, Lord, first we pray that You will be in their mist. Lord, we ask that You supernaturally visit them with Your presence. Second, we ask Lord, that You will direct their plans. Give them much expectation to believe for a great baptism of fire for this coming summer.

4) Lord, we ask for an innovative spirit to flow through New Wave to branch out in new methods of modern ministry; such as music, videos, websites, web and radio broadcast, Social Networking, etc.

5) Lord, bless EMO as they stir up the youth to pray. Thank You Lord for giving their leadership a strategy for enveloping Bulgaria in prayer. May it result in a holy covering; Oh, Jesus, Your blood covering Bulgaria (as we say in America, this blows my mind).

6) Let us pray that the Protestant Churches would all open their doors to spiritually organized prayer. Oh, Jesus, open the doors to those Catholic and Orthodox Churches also. Touch the hearts of those priests, Lord.

7) I am so encouraged by Jesus answering prayer even to the point of beginning a movement. As you pray for Bulgaria and the Balkans, expect God to honor and respond to your prayers. He is preparing strategy to implement revival in the Balkans and in prayer we can hear Him give orders.

Expect Him to respond to all your prayers; He is listening intently to the unselfish prayers of His saints.
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