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Pray for Turkey

The Selimiye Mosque is an Ottoman mosque in the city of Edirne, Turkey. The mosque was commissioned by Sultan Selim II and was built by architect Mimar Sinan between 1568 and 1574. It was considered by Sinan to be his masterpiece and is one of the highest achievements of Islamic architecture. The four minarets are the tallest in Turkey.

Edirne’s site and turbulent history were determined by its strategic position on the main route from Asia Minor to the Balkans. After a long and varied career, including being conquered by Constantine in 328 AD, the city was captured by Sultan Murat I in 1362 and served as the capital of the Ottoman empire between 1365 and 1453.

Of Edirne's Christian heritage, there remains two Bulgarian Orthodox churches: Saint George (dating to 1880) and Saints Constantine and Helena (built in 1869).

I felt compelled to pray for this city on the western edge on European Turkey. I searched the Internet for about two hours and could find no mention of an evangelical church in Edirne, Turkey. Present population, 142,000.

1) Let us pray for Edirne (e-DEER-neh):
a. I know the Lord always has a remnant. Lord, we lift up Your likely hidden saints in Edirne. Send someone full of the Holy Spirit to visit them and encourage them.
b. Lord let Your Word be preached, mercy extended and the people of Edirne be given the chance to repent.
c. Let the Christians find each other and unite in a Bible study or Prayer group.
d. Lord, light a fire in Christians of Edirne. I am thinking of the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem, fire fell on them and 3,000 was saved.
e. Lord, You can move through those Bulgarian Orthodox Churches. A priest, full of the Holy Spirit could lead many to You, Lord.

Missionary activities are still considered a national threat despite the existence of Turkish laws guaranteeing citizens the freedom to propagate their faith. Non-Muslim children are victims of discrimination at school.

2) Over the past few years the Lord has raised up some Houses of Prayer in Turkey. Thank You, Lord, for these houses of prayer. As they stand in the gap, we pray You give them breakthrough over demonic spirits in all their regions.

3) Lord, we ask for divine protection over the Christian children in the schools. May they be students that excel in academics and temperament; causing teachers and administrators to take notice.
4) We thank the Lord for Christian television and radio in the Turkish language. May the Lord bless all efforts to broadcast the Gospel into Turkey.

5) Let us pray for Turkish Internet Gospel ministries to be raised up to reach those Turks searching the Internet.

6) Let us pray for the Christians in Turkey. My they be able to live peaceful lives in the mist of Islam’s lies. Lord show them how to be examples of Your good works to their neighbors.
The following is a report from ASLAN International, a ministry reaching out to the poor of Turkey.

God loves Turkey so much that He is sending labors to distribute His Word. Over half a million (500,000) Turkish New Testaments have been distributed! Turkish believers have been trained, and sent out to do evangelism! Four (4) NT book companies have been started! We’ve been arrested, and harassed over 55 times. We’ve done open-air preaching, endured many threats. (2 Cor. 3:5) The Gospel has been preached, and red Turkish NTs have been distributed in Ankara, Istanbul, Diyarbakir, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Sivas, Samsun, Erzurum, Elazig, Mersin, Eskisehir, Bursa, Gaziantep, Van, etc. all over this nation.

7) Let us pray for ASLAN International ministry. Pray for these dear labors that are living on the edge. Although they are rebuked, spit upon, cursed, and imprisoned, may they have strength within their minds and bodies to continue.
Ro. 8:18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.
8) Lord, thank You for the great favor You give them with the people. We pray they also have favor with those in authority.
9) Lord, we pray that signs and wonders would follow them as they boldly go where You lead them to reach the lost and deceived.
They call us the persecuted church of Turkey. And yet, we're the happy church. The reason we're happy is not just because of all the persecution we've been through. We're happy because we're confident in God's love for us, just like His love for YOU. He never lets go, never, ever. (Another report from ASLAN)
10) Satan cannot compete with the joy God gives His servants. Let us pray that the Joy of the Lord would rest upon His servants in Turkey.

Some may ask why we pray for Turkey. Although only 7% of Turkey is on the European side of the Bosporus, that part is still part of the Balkans. Plus you cannot deny the influence Turkey has had on the Balkans. Read more about Turkey, especially the history at:
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