Monday, April 25, 2011

Pray for Greece

While in worship this morning (4/25) I felt that we should pray for the Greek government, especially with the present economic crisis.

Let us pray for the three branches of government; executive, legislative and Judicial.
1) Pray for President--Karolos Papoulias & Prime Minister--George Papandreou. Lord, direct these men to seek Your wisdom for the Greek people. Lord, You rule in the affairs of nations, so may these men be bend toward Your physical remedies.
2) Pray for the Legislative branch of government. Men and women are sent from the 13 districts and 325 municipalities to represent the people. We pray they stay true to their constituents.
3) The Judicial is always important to a culture. Lord, we ask that You guide the judges in their judgments, seeing that the law is strictly adhered to and justice established. May they be a key in rooting out corruption.
4) Corruption in government is very rampant in Greece. Corruption in business is also rampant in Greece. Lord, we ask for You to expose this corruption and transfer governance and administration of government, business and institutions to the righteous.
5) We know this transformation cannot happen without the righteous taking their stand. To be righteous is to do the right thing, even when it is unpopular and temporarily unprofitable. Lord, bless the righteous in such a way that all will see and desire to follow their example.
6) The churches and God’s people are commissioned with the task of influencing the culture. We pray that the churches would not shrink into their buildings and be like private clubs but speak-up in the market place and confront unrighteousness.
7) Lord release Your wisdom in the Greek churches to help the Christians to live righteous. May they be an example in their families, in their market places, with their productive skills, and in their civic involvement.

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