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Pray for Macedonia

- Macedonia, Conquered by Alexander the Great… ruled by the Caesars… oppressed by the Ottoman Turks… controlled by communists… and now an independent democratic republic.

Before praying, read the following reports from Macedonia. We have prayed for Macedonia in the past and God is moving there, the following reports testify of this.

- - - News Report
Macedonian police seize nearly 11kg of heroin [Setimes, 01/05/2011]
SKOPJE, Macedonia -- Police have seized 10.9kg of heroin at the border with Greece, the interior ministry announced on Friday (April 29th). The value of the drugs is estimated at about 200,000 euros. Eleven people, including a police officer, were arrested during the operation conducted in co-operation with Interpol. They are suspected of membership in an international drug trafficking ring.

- - - A Letter
For a long period of time we have been praying for something new in Tetovo. We had noticed a problem in terms of spending time with people in Tetovo. It is difficult for us to relate with them on a deeper level, because of the lack of a neutral ground where we met up with them.
We shared with you in our previous letters that we have on our heart to pray for a specific place (coffee house) that will be available all the time, and where people could come and relax, drink coffee of tea, listen the music, watch the movies, listen some of the teaching etc. That will be the place where will be easier to develop deeper relationship with them. To discipleship, share the God’s truths; help them understand more of social and moral principles.
So, after some time, God has led us to register a Non-government organization. We have made a project with the specific goals we (with God’s help) want to reach.
[From] Jordan & Vesna Stoilovi

For more information on Tetovo, Macedonia go to

- - -
Macedonia: This month Stojan Petrovski shared with us how the Bible League
of Macedonia helps churches to train church planters. “They are called by God
to start new churches and to work in the Kingdom in Macedonia. On our training
sessions there are 15 church planters. Some plant churches where they live while
others minister in other places.”

Macedonian evangelicals make up less than 1% of the total population, among various language groups. “That is not so much a worry, as it is a big challenge in any place, at any time, in any language.” They see their mission as being “that the Gospel can be preached and that there are churches planted.”

The Bible League organizes different activities, like study Bible groups, prayer meetings, and the like. “For that we need workers. Those 15 people do their best as God has given them chance. However, there are still 13 towns in Macedonia without any evangelical witness. But the work goes on, there are 3000 people contacted, 50 families visited, 20 small groups started, teen classes have begun, and there are some 50 people who have given their lives to Christ. Stojan gave us testimonies of lives changed and he thanks those who have prayed and those who have been a financial part of what they are doing.” More Info. at

We received the following request for prayer and donations on April 6, 2011.
I have a special prayer request for Macedonia Teen Challenge. They owe the bank about $6000.00 US for the operation of the center.
Pray that the money will come in to them. They are in the process of starting on a business that will keep the program funded and they are doing paperwork on the property.
In Macedonia, all of this is expensive. Pray for Jonatan and Valentina as they go through this process. Working with the Government can be very stressful.

After reading the above reports, we see God is faithful to respond to prayer. Let us continue these prayers with thanksgiving and faith knowing God is faithful when we pray. This first week of May two years ago (2009), here at, the Lord led us to pray the following for Macedonia.
1) [Acts 16:9] Let us pray that today’s Macedonians will again cry out to God to send missionaries like the man in Paul’s vision.
2) We pray for missionaries that are seeking God’s heart and are willing to act upon today’s “Macedonian Call”.
3) The “Macedonian Call” was acted upon in the first century and led to the eventual Christianization of Europe. Let’s pray that the Macedonians would seek another visitation from God for a new revival. Jesus in Luke 19:44 talked about a time of visitation and Peter in 1 Peter 2:12 did also.

4) We want to congratulate the police for intercepting those drugs. May there be lives spared because of it. May those caught give up the names of their sources and their distributors.
5) Lord, we ask that you help those that are working with Teen Challenge in Macedonia. We pray the windows of heaven will be opened and ALL their needs will be met.

In July 7, 2009 we had prayed for the following;
1) There are many towns and villages in Macedonia without an evangelical church. Lord send out evangelist and church planters to reach every area of the country.
2) Now we thank the Lord for Stojan Petrovski and the Bible League. Lord, continue to open doors for church planters to reach every city and village in Macedonia with the Gospel.
3) I just know that Macedonia is close to God’s heart. He used them in the past to extend His glory and He wants to use them again. Intercede for them to overcome.
4) May we all be motivated by this verse: 2 Timothy 4:8
Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

God really likes to hear us pray for others. I believe that in many cases He waits for us to pray before He acts. Actually when praying His will and acting on His will, I think we are in His school where partner with Him in expanding His Kingdom.

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