Monday, June 20, 2011

Pray for Albania

Week of 6/20-26/11

The People of Albania are crying out for peace and reassance. The years of communism have left them empty.

1) Lord, we pray that You make a way for the Gospel to go out across Albania.
2) Lord, only You can satisfy the enemy heart. We pray for the moving of the Holy Spirit upon the land. Ask the Lord, to draw out the redemptive aspects of the Albanian culture. (The things the Lord has built into the culture that prepare them to receive the Gospel)
3) Pray for the intercessors the Lord has or will raise up for Albania. Isaiah 62:6I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent,
May they cry out and remind the Lord daily of His mercies and grace for the people. May the intercessors not lose heart but have their faith built daily.
4) We hear reports of churches and ministries in Albania that are testifying of Jesus. Lord, we ask for favor among the people and the authorities.
5) Let us pray for pastors for Albania. Pastors that know the Lord itimately and will love the people with Jesus’ love.
6) Let us pray for the Albanian Bible Institute and all they do to prepare pastors and church workers. May the teachers be anointed to draw out from the Bible life transforming truths that are breathed upon by the holy Spirit. Lord, we pray for a humble, teachable spirit in each student.

Report and Prayer Request from LEE BRADLEY, Director, Albanian Bible Institute:

It is gratifying to be able to say that this has been a great year at ABI. Sometimes, when a school year starts, the students can seem like angels (I am SURE we seem the same to them). Then after they encounter the first problem or two, the new wears off quickly and we see the “real” them. So far this year, we have been spared such a rude awakening. This does not mean we have had no challenges this year. However, the group of students we have this year has been probably our best ever. They are humble, teachable and have a strong commitment to the Lord. They love Him and are growing in their relationship with him. They are serious about serving the Lord and are open to being discipled and becoming better equipped to serve Him. We have seen academic and spiritual progress in everyone this year. Their pastors are seeing a difference.

Please pray for new students to attend ABI this fall. We have begun reaching out to churches and individuals who might be interested in what we have to offer. The need for training is acute in Albania, yet the availability of God-called servants is not too plentiful. It takes great sacrifice to come to school. Many are not willing to pay that price in terms of time and financial struggle.

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