Monday, December 05, 2011

Pray for Albania

1.      Lord, we thank You for blessing Albania and letting freedom of worship come forth.

2.      We pray that when the saints assemble, the Holy Spirit would hover over them, releasing revelation, gifting and abounding faith.

3.      Lord, it has been a joy to pray for Albania. Come move in the hearts of Your intercessors, Lord. May they declare with boldness, “Let the Kingdom come forth in Albania”!

4.      Lord, we ask You to disable the enemy in Albania; cut off his power in the land. Lord, raise up a church that will kick the Devil’s gates down and demand their inheritance.

Paul wrote of how he had preached the Gospel in Illyricum, the ancient land of Albania.  (Romans 15:9)

5.      Let us pray that once again Albania would be visited by apostles and prophets of great faith. Lord, send men and women that are convinced You are ready to transform Albania.

6.      Let us also pray that the apostles and prophets that are sent will raise up evangelist, teachers and pastors. Even now Lord, separate these unto Yourself for the work of the ministry in Albania.

7.      Let us pray for the present churches in Albania. May the churches be motivated to reach out to the culture around them. Give them a plan to reach the lost.

The report is that 75% of Albanians in Albania don’t practice any religion and identify themselves as atheists or agnostics. This goes for the Muslims in the country also and is why they drink alcohol and eat pork. At one time (around 1960) the Marxist government declared Albania the only completely atheist country. Many decades before communism, a Nothern Albanian poet, Pashko Vasa remarked, “Churches and mosques you shall not heed / The religion of Albanians is Albanism”.

8.       Let us pray for a plan to reach the Muslims of Albania. Lord, since the Muslim respects dreams and visions, we pray that You would speak to them in this way. Prepare their hearts for those You will send to love them.

9.       Lord, we believe You are reversing the curse of this poet. Break the power of the enemy to keep these people in bondage to a false nationalism.

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