Monday, June 18, 2012

Pray for Croatia
Week of June 18-24, 2012

Well the biggest event on most Croatians minds today is the Croatian team’s soccer (futbal) match with Spain in the EURO 2012 elimination trials in Poland. In fact by time you read this the match may be over.

But there are two problematic things that happened in Croatia last week; The display of vulgar acts in an international setting and the seeking of recognition for the homosexual lifestyle.


In the NEWS: European soccer's governing body has charged Croatia's Football Federation (HNS) for racist chants and symbols displayed by the national team's fans during the Group C match against Italy in Poznan, [Poland] on Thursday. [June 14] [A fine of 31,000 Euros]


In the NEWS: Zagreb, Croatia – Some 2,000 people took part on Saturday in a gay-rights march in Croatia’s capital, calling on the government to boost the rights of same-sex couples in the largely conservative EU-bound country.

They urged “equality, dignity and visibility” for all gay and bisexual people and their families.

In 2003 Croatia extended the same rights to gay couples living together as to unmarried heterosexual couples, including state recognition of shared assets. The law only applies to gay and lesbian couples living together for at least three years.

1) Let us first pray for the Lord’s mercy on Croatia. Of course these two acts do not represent all Croats but they are a stain on the country. Lord, hold back judgment until repentance has been offered.

2) It is time for godly citizens to speak up with boldness to their pastors, priest and government leaders. Lord, give boldness to Your saints.

3) Let us pray for one such pastor that has spoken up against these things in Croatia, Mario Ducic. Lord, we pray for more doors into the government to open for Pasto Ducic. We ask for protection, wisdom and the anointing to lead in this matter.

4) Lord, we ask that the righteous ones be given loud voices to speak up against crude acts, homosexuality, abortion, etc. Lord, we pray that Croatian Christians would unite and let their elected officials know the Christian worldview on these issues. Unite them in prayer, bring them to repentance and lead them to action.

5) Let us pray for Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic who joined the marchers. Lord we pray for change or removal of this elected official.

6) The week before the gay-pride march in Zagreb there was a smaller parade in the coastal city of Split were about 500 people marched including five government ministers. We ask for mercy on the city of Split. Stir the Christians to do what is right.

7) Let us pray that the Catholic church, which has a big influence in Croatia, would speak up against these incidents.

8) Lord, we thank you for the Evangelical churches in Croatia. May they see these events as a warning to intercede for their country.

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