Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pray for Greece

Week of 3/31 - 4/6, 2014

In the News:
The European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund agreed last week on the release of long-delayed emergency loans, after seven months of negotiations. The next bailout tranche is due to be released "well before" Greece faces a large bond redemption in May, an EU official said in Brussels on Thursday. Eurogroup finance ministers are expected to discuss Greece's latest reform pledges when they meet in Athens next week, with a view to formally concluding the agreement by the second half of April. The eurozone's rescue fund still has 10.1 billion euros (13.8 billion dollars) available for Greece. Greece has been granted 240 billion euros in bailout loans since 2010. In exchange, it is required to cut public spending and implement economic reforms. -  
  • Social support in Greece not adequate enough to deal with crisis, says OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • Total household income in Greece dropped by 1/3 between 2007 and 2012, with average anual losses of some 4,400 euros per person.
  • At 49 percent, the share of working age people in employment is the fourth-lowest among 34 OECD countries…
  • The social protection system in Greece was ill-prepared for the economic and social crisis.
  • The share of people saying that they cannot afford food has doubled, putting this subjective measure of economic distress at a higher level than in some emerging economies…
  • Young people in particular have been emigrating in increasing numbers, reducing potential future economic growth and further accelerating population ageing.
  • http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.society.1072&itemId=1072 

    Prayer points:
    1. Europeans are very concerned about the failure of the economy in Greece. Let us pray that solutions for Greece will be released from heaven.
    2. God has an answer to crises in nations. Let us pray that godly wisdom be welcomed by policy leaders. Lord, we call forth the Solomon’s of this age, whom You anointed for this time to bring Your solution into the chaos.
    3. When will Greeks look to You for help? How much pain does it take to humble a nation? Lord, we ask for a paradigm shift in Greece that awakens Greeks and brings them to Your table to cry for mercy.
    Proverbs 13:11
    Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, But he who gathers by labor will increase
    …the sovereign debt crisis in Greece has caused many to question the government support and tax breaks given to the Greek Orthodox Church. Some 100,000 people have joined a Greek Facebook page, "Tax the Church." Church finances, tax payments and assets lack transparency. However campaigners claim that [the] Greek Orthodox Church owns more land than any entity other than the state and owns 1.5% of the National Bank of Greece. The government spends 268 million Euros each year paying the salaries of 9,000 priests as well as pensions for retired clergy. The Church says it paid 1.3 million Euros in taxes last year. The Church says payments of priests' salaries are justified by the fact that the Church handed over 96% of the property it owned to the state when Greece became independent of the Ottoman Empire in 1821. Also several ministry buildings, universities and hospitals in Athens are on church property that is leased to the state for a nominal amount.
    Prayer points:
    1) Let us pray that the Greek Orthodox Church would stop using the state for financial gain. (Investment)
    2) This church/state union reveals the corruption in the church. Let us pray against this unholy union. The church cannot speak against sin in government if they are part of the government. Lord awaken your remnant in the Orthodox Church and give them boldness to speak out against this perverted gospel their church is promoting.
    3) Lord, we ask that You would send the true Gospel of redemption across Greece. Raise up evangelist who will boldly proclaim the pure Word of God.
    4) Let us pray that Greeks would wake up to the fact that Jesus saves, and not a religious system bound by tradition.
    5) Let us pray for the Greek Orthodox Church. Lord, we ask for an invasion of the Holy Spirit. Lord, let mercy triumph over judgment!
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