Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pray for Slovenia

Week of May 26 - June 1, 2014

A week ago, while on vacation, we spent a night in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I took advantage of the opportunity to prayer-walk around the government buildings. I prayed for arts and entertainment, business, education, media, the families, churches, and especially the government of Slovenia.

I sensed a peace concerning Slovenia and a promise from the Lord that He has not forgotten the country.

Lord, I thank You that my prayer walk is like a stake placed in the center of the country to remind the enemy that  You are coming with grace for Slovenia.

As I seeking the Lord now, I have a few concerns surfacing in my spirit.  It seems the Lord wants us to pray for these. Slovenes are:
·    Living in a survival mode
·    Living for today – little hope for tomorrow
·    Blessed but do not know it
·    Lack of gratefulness

Prayer points:
1.    We know, Lord, that You have a deep love for the Slovene people. Lord, please share with us Your love for them.
2.    Let us pray for hope to arise in Slovene hearts. May the Slovenes raise their heads, pull back their shoulders and be optimistic about a better tomorrow.
3.    You, oh Lord, can resurrect in the Slovene people energy to build a glorious future for their country.
4.    Let us pray for the families in Slovenia. Lord, help husbands and wives to live in constant forgiveness toward one another. May they encourage their children to believe in a better tomorrow.
5.    Let us pray for the churches of Slovenia; Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical. May Jesus be given first place in each one of them.
6.    Let us pray for the media of Slovenia. May they always strive to present the truth and not someone’s agenda.
7.    Let us pray that the arts and entertainment of Slovenia would be uplifting and not depressing. May joy, laughter and positive programs be presented for the people’s enjoyment.
8.    Lord, we ask for the release of energy and productivity for the businesses of Slovenia. May honesty be a personal motto of every business owner.
9.    Let us pray for the government of Slovenia. We ask that all corruption be exposed. We pray that the people of Slovenia would follow statesmen not politicians with personal agendas. Let us pray that men and women of faith would be called to serve their country.
10.    Education molds the minds of a country. Let us pray that truth and light would prevail in the Slovene educational system.

Psalm 43:3 (KJV)
O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles.

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