Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Pray for Montenegro

Week of May 5-11,2014

Zuzanna and I were privileged to visit Montenegro about a month ago. Our purpose was to find out more about the Roma (Gypsy) refugee camps in Podgorica and learn how we could help alleviate their present sufferings while sharing the love of Jesus with them. We found their situation quite dire. The will and the financial ability of the Montenegrin government comes short of meeting their physical needs.

Presently, there is a dental team visiting the camps preforming many procedures and meeting their needs. They are seeing 20 plus patients per day. This is a tremendous blessing to the refugees! Pastor Sinisa Nadazdin, head of Roma - REA Ministry Montenegro is praising God for the two dentists, Kriss and Thuha and the support team, who are blessing many refugees in the Konik camp.

As I visit each Balkan country I make it a priority to prayer walk the government buildings, in search of a breakthrough and to establish a stake in the ground. I did not get the sense that I accomplished this breakthrough when prayer-walking the Montenegrin capitol, which is yet another reminder of the spiritual hardness of this nation.

1) Let us pray for the love of Jesus to be manifested in the camps through the practical ministry of the dental team. May the people receiving dental care understand that God loved them so much, that He sent dentists to fix their teeth. May there be much lasting fruit as a result of this work.
2) Let us lift up Pastor Sinisa as he works with the refugees. May there be joy in their midst. May the Christian Roma in the camp live to be an example to the other refugees. 3) The country of Montenegro has an estimated 180 evangelical Christians. Let us pray for the strengthening of the Christians there and a reassurance that they are not alone. Let us hold up their weak arms like Aaron and Hur and pray that the Lord of all would give them new strength to live a victorious life.
4) Let us pray for a spiritual breakthrough in Montenegro. May the Lord stir hearts to believe for increase in Montenegro. May He break up the rocky ground of the Montenegrins hearts.
5) Montenegrin Christians need help from the larger Body of Christ abroad. Let us pray for churches and mission organizations throughout the world to turn their attention toward Montenegro. Let us pray also for the handful of Missionaries like Bukurije Nikqi and other organizations and churches who serve in Montenegro.
6) The Lord’s heart is for Montenegro to be a part of the coming revival. Let us pray for men and women who will hear His voice and follow His leading to pray for and go to Montenegro and leave the stamp of God on the nation.
7) Lord, deposit vision and strategies for evangelical events in Montenegro to reach the people. Lord, shine Your light on the dark land of Montenegro.
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