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Bosnia Herzegovina - Imam attacked for speaking against ISIS

Week of March 16-22,2015
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 Bosnian Imam attacked 7 times over call to stay out of Syria
TRNOVI, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — The long-bearded man burst into the mosque's yard and pinned Selvedin Beganovic to the ground. Shouting "Now I will slaughter you!" he plunged a knife three times into the imam's chest and fled.

It was no random attack: Beganovic has suffered seven assaults blamed on Muslim extremists in the past year — with three just last month.
The apparent reason for the jihadi wrath? Beganovic uses his pulpit to tell the faithful in predominantly Muslim Bosnia they have no business fighting in Syria or Iraq. And he vows to keep preaching the message no matter how many times extremists try to silence him.

Bosnia arrests five for planning \'terrorist act\' in Scandinavia
[14 March,2015]  Three suspects were arrested as they were trying to leave Bosnia in a car. 

SARAJEVO (AFP) - Four Bosnians and a Swede of Arab origin were arrested in Bosnia after being found with an explosive device to be used for "a terrorist act" in a Scandinavian country, police said Friday. The operation, coded "Benelux," was carried out by Bosnian, Swedish and Dutch police, Bosnian police said in a statement. "These persons are suspected to have produced an explosive device in Bosnia with the intention of delivering it in a Scandinavian country," it said said. "The device was supposed to be used for a terrorist act." Last month, a gunman of Palestinian origin killed two people in Copenhagen. The authorities refused to give further details, including the final destination or specify if the suspects were linked to local Islamist movements. In a separate statement, a prosecutor said the Swedish citizen was "of Arab origin." Three suspects were arrested as they were trying to leave Bosnia in a car where the device was found, police said, adding that another two were arrested in the capital Sarajevo. Forty percent of Bosnia s 3.8 million inhabitants are Muslim. According to Bosnian intelligence estimates, some 150 citizens are currently fighting along with terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria and some 20 have been killed so far. Some 50 other jihadists returned to Bosnia.  http://www.thefrontierpost.com/article/267867//

NOTE: Bosnia was the front lines of the Ottoman Empire for many centuries as they controlled major parts of the Balkans. Even when the Ottomans had to retreat, a majority of Muslim Bosnians remained culturally Muslim and obeyed the Islamic religion. Although most Muslim Bosnians are nominal in their observance of Islam, there is a radical Islamic segment that is forcing their will upon their neighbors and the Muslim institutions. Also let me add, I recently read the book “Wind in the House of Islam, How God is drawing Muslims around the world to faith in Jesus Christ” by David Garrison. Just as the extended title says, (although unreported by the news) God is bringing Muslims to give their lives to Jesus.

Prayer Points:
1)    Holy Spirit we ask that You would blow a wind across Bosnia Herzegovina. We ask for a redemptive move among the Muslim Bosnians that would result in turning them to Jesus.
2)    Let us pray that Selvedin Beganovic has an encounter with Jesus Christ and that he believes in the true God. Let us also pray that he is protected from more attacks.
3)    May he continue to be bold in standing up for what is right. May there be many, even multitudes that will stand with him and surround him from the enemies’ intimidation.
4)    Let us thank the Lord for the arrest of these radicals that were caught before they could carry out their attacks. May all the enemies plans to cultivate radical Islam be stopped.
Psalm 127:1
“…Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”
5)    Lord, we ask You to put heavenly guards throughout Bosnia to watch for those that would intend to spread radical Islam. May their plans be exposed and cut short. Let us pray for confusion and disunity to break up these radical groups.
6)    As intercessors let us believe that this will be the year that the “Lord of the harvest” will send laborers to Bosnia.
7)    Let us pray that the love of Jesus for Muslims would be poured out through His servants. Pray that Christian neighbors would go the extra mile to reach out to their communities. Let us pray for strategies that build trust.

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