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Pray for Greece - Economy may Crash - Greek Orthodox Church

Week of April 27 - May 3, 2015

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In the News: If Greece falls, no one wants their prints on the murder weapon

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - "We're going bust." "No, you're not." "You're strangling us." "No we're not." "You owe us for World War Two." "We gave already."

Europe's political leaders and central bankers and Greek politicians agree on only one thing: if Greece goes down, they don't want their fingerprints on the murder weapon.

"We are doing everything we can to save Greece from itself, but in the end, it's up to them," is the message pouring out of Berlin, Brussels and IMF headquarters in Washington.

[Greek Prime Minister Alexis] Tsipras revived demands for reparations for the Nazi German occupation of Greece in 1941-44, which his government put at 279 billion euros ($303.5 billion) - more than its 240 billion euro bailout from the euro zone and the International Monetary Fund.
Berlin responded that it had already compensated victims and a 1990 agreement with the four victorious World War Two powers on German unification had put an end to war claims.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been careful to express goodwill and tried to build a relationship of trust with Tsipras while insisting Greece must meet its lenders' reform conditions, which include fiercely resisted pension cuts and labor reforms
Prayer Points:
1)    The Greek position is very weak in that it was agreed in the 1990 reunification of Germany that all reparations were canceled. Pray for Greece as it faces difficult decisions.
2)    Greece is in deep financial trouble due to mismanagement of state funds, for which it does not want to take ownership. The Greek government simply must take fiscal responsibility and make though decisions. Pray that Greece would accept the bitter medicine.
3)    The pill of humility is hard to swallow; pray for Greece to accept this reality. May the Lord help the Greeks to accept this reality.

The Greek Orthodox Church is important to the Greek people; their identity as a people rest upon this Church and its teachings. It is the national religion. To see a full revival in Greece you must ask the Lord to do one of two things, 1) bring a move of God in the Orthodox Church, or 2) the Greek people need to be convinced GOC is irrelevant to their current needs and a renewal of first century Christianity break out. The Greek Orthodox Church is deeply entrenched in tradition, gripped by a religious spirit, and a stiff-necked attitude. Their worship of the holy Fathers and the belief that their cathedrals are the manifestation of heaven on earth are just not resulting in changed lives.

The Orthodox Church  observes Easter and the fifty days that lead up to Pentecost. (You can google Bright Week or Orthodox Easter to learn more) The Western Catholic Church puts an importance on the 40 days before Easter (Lent), while the Eastern Orthodox put importance on the 50 days following Easter. The fifty days lead up to Pentecost. These days are filled with special rituals and meetings that do present the Gospel message. Interestingly, there is a day when the Holy Spirit is esteemed with great honor. Honoring the Holy Spirit is rarely seen among protestant denominations.

4)    Let us ask the Lord to use this time of Bright Week and the days leading up to Pentecost to break into the hearts of Greeks and Orthodox believers everywhere.
5)    Let us pray for angelic visitations to intervene as the priest conduct these traditional rituals.
6)    Lord Jesus, have mercy on the Orthodox Church and bind those religious spirits that would operate during these fifty days. Let Your Word come forth in authority as it is read. Lord, we know that Your Word does not return void.
7)    Most of all we want to see the Greek Orthodox Church (GOC) changed and come alive; Lord, release freedom. Let us pray that many Greeks would be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Orthodox Church is steeped with the bondage of religion and is lifeless. Sometimes you have to just let the dead bury their dead and go follow life in another direction. However we pray that God would call forth the remnant from among them.

Let us pray for the second scenario, GOC becoming irrelevant. To many Greeks this has already happened, especially the younger generation. Simply, Lord, show them where to turn. Lord, show them you are not just an icon but rather You are there to comfort them in their times of need.

8)    May the Lord raise up ministries that will flow with the Holy Spirit to draw Greeks to true salvation.
9)    Let us pray for Greeks that will go hard after God. Jeremiah 29:13 And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.
10)    Let us pray for evangelist to reach the people of Greece. Lord, release those that will have a love for Greeks and a burden to see them come to know Jesus.

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