Friday, May 29, 2015

Special Announcement


We are taking a sabbatical from the Praying For the Balkans Project. We have been publishing the Praying For the Balkans Directives for the past six years. May we share in a few words its beginnings.

Some 38 years ago, God gave Jerry a deep burden for Eastern Europe and he begun to pray for the then persecuted church in this region. Jerry participated in prayer meetings for Easter Europe whenever and wherever he could find them. His burden for the region only intensified.

In the mid to late 80’s Jerry spent 4 years in the former Yugoslavia (today’s Serbia), and not having a lot of freedom to minister, Jerry learned to prayer walk. The Lord, opened doors for him to travel to many cities in Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia), Greece, Kosovo and Romania. Jerry would find himself walking about praying for the cities. Having married Zuzanna in 1986, we continued in the ministry until the end of 1988 when due to political shifting winds and hyperinflation, we returned to the USA.

In this next season our burden remained and eventually a Prayer Blog was birth as a result. The Lord gave Jerry a plan which evolved into the Prayer Directive you have been receiving. The goal of the Prayer Directive was to share the spiritual burdens of the Balkan countries. As time progressed, slowly the list of co-intercessors would grow. The Lord has allowed us to once again return to the Balkans and we now live in Zagreb, Croatia. We joined European Initiative, a mission’s organization reaching Europe for Christ. We have had a very busy first year, and the Lord is truly opening remarkable doors before us. Jerry has been sensing for a period of time now that a change to the Prayer Blog was coming. During this sabbatical we are praying for wisdom regarding the future of the Prayer Directive.

We are so very humbled and honored that many of you have very faithfully prayed with us over these years. We are seeing first-hand the answers to your prayers as the Lord lead us across these lands. Never stop praying for the Balkans because statics show it remains the least evangelized area of the world. In this next season we will periodically send special prayer requests needed for the ministry of European Initiative Balkans and our partners in the area.

Our warmest regards to you as you remain faithful to Him.

Jerry and Zuzanna Low

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