Friday, June 26, 2015

Special Prayer Needed

I would like to ask for prayer for about 250 men that are meeting near a lake in central Bosnia Herzegovina. The meeting is called Brother’s Keepers and it is mainly for Christian men from all parts of the former Yugoslavia.

For you that have been receiving our Praying for the Balkans prayer directives over the years; I want to report that those prayers have been heard in heaven. I am meeting brothers from many of the Balkan countries who dearly love Jesus and are active for the Lord in their countries and communities. God does answer prayer. He has sent labors and there has been harvest. The Balkans does still remain barely touched by revival, so keep praying.

Pray for this four day gathering of men; June 18-21, 2015.
Pray that God will take us deeper.
Pray that all these men would be inspired and endued from on high to be lights in their countries.

Thanks, Jerry

Update: 6/26
The meeting went really well. This was the 6th time they have meet as the Brother's Keepers. One of the leaders told me there was more true fellowship among the men than there had been before. They were as one in spirit and no tensions at all. You have to understand, twenty years ago there was a war and they were fighting each other. There was around 30 pastors at this retreat.

What amazed me was that the prayer tent was full during the 3 to 6 pm prayer time.

Thanks for your prayers, God is moving in the Balkans.

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