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Pray for GREECE

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Greece is the country where the concept of democracy was birthed (Pericles) and philosophy was developed (Socrates, Platon, etc.). She gave birth to Alexander the Great of Macedonia (330 BC) who spread Greek literature throughout the whole world.

The Lord honored the Greek language with the New Testament being written in it.

50 AD
The apostles Paul, Silas and others who were also Jewish disciples of Jesus, along with the Greek disciples, Titus and Timothy (Titus 1:5; 2 Corinthians 7:6), brought to Greece the message of the Crucified One as well as the experience of Pentecost (Acts 16--18; 1 Corinthians 12--14).
They first visited northern Greece (Macedonia) by way of Neapolis (modern day Kavala) Acts:16:11. They preached the Gospel in Philippi, Thessalonica, and Berea. From northern Greece they traveled to southern Greece and ministered in Athens and Corinth.

Today the Pentecostal Church in Greece numbers about 12,000 members. There are approximately 200 churches along with an equal number of house churches located throughout the villages and cities of Greece.

1) In the 20th century the Lord visited Greece through the Pentecostal message and many returned to the true faith. Lord, remember the investment and seeds planted by the 20th century church.
2) Churches and movements tend to loose the fire of God as time passes. Let us pray for a 21st century visitation of the Holy Spirit.
3) Let there be a new sound in their music; the sound of heaven that reaches the hearts of the younger Greeks.
4) Christians that submit themselves unto the Lord in worship experience God’s joy and are restored to righteousness. Job 33:26 “He prays to God, and He is favorable to him, so that he sees His face with joy; for [God] restores to him his righteousness (his uprightness and right standing with God--with its joys).” (Amplified Bible) Lord, release worship into the churches of Greece. Lord, let that worship lead to intercessory prayer for Greece.
5) Poverty is increasing in Greece. Serious financial problems have hit Greece hard. Plus there has been an influx of immigrants. Since the government does not have the money to provide much relief, may the church arise to meet the needs.
6) Lord we pray that the churches would seek You for a plan of how to reach the Greek public that are suffering.

I may be wrong, but my research of Orthodox Church doctrine shows that man is saved through his communion with God not so much the sacrificial blood of Christ in atonement. I could not find the words “saved” or “salvation” used in reference to restoration to the Father. I quote the Very Rev. J. Richard Ballew of the Orthodox Church as he describes evangelism, "As much as anything else, evangelism is bringing people to active participation in liturgical worship and prayer." He describes evangelism as bringing men into, or subjecting men to a ritual of pious acts for cleansing.

7) Pray for the Greek Orthodox Church. May the Lord have mercy on them and open their spiritually blind eyes. Most Greeks ignore the GOC because there is no power within. Some attribute magical powers to the icons which borders on witchcraft. Let us pray for a manifestation of the true trinity in their mist. Lord we cry out for the Orthodox Christians, may You come visit them in power and revelation.
8) Lord when Paul and Silas were in jail in Phillipi, You demonstrated Your mighty power by shaking the Earth. Lord we ask for a shaking that would not kill and destroy but bring forth abundant Life. Lord we ask for a spiritual earthquake. is all about promoting Freedom in the Balkan countries. Since the fall of communism we have seen more freedom than any other time in history. There is a continuing problem with the nationalist churches. They want no other expression of religion in their countries and they tend to pressure the governments to treat other churches as sects. This blame is laid at the feet of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches.

9) Let us pray that these state churches would not feel threatened and would seek dialog with other churches.
10) May there actually be an evangelical expression that leaves room for the moving of the Holy Spirit in these Catholic and Orthodox churches.

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