Monday, November 01, 2010

Pray for Croatia

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Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor survived a no-confidence vote in Parliament. Her administration has been loosing support due to the slow pace of economic recovery in the wake of the global financial crisis.

1) Let us pray about the economic situation in Croatia.
a. We pray for government policies that encourage the market system to operate freely.
b. We pray that world corporate leaders and economic decision makers would be drawn to Croatian goods and services. We pray that investment would flow into the country.
c. We pray that the people of Croatia would invest, produce and buy and sale Croatian goods.
d. We pray that the righteous would not go hungry. May the Christians first hope in the Lord and believe for increase. - Psalm 37:25
I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.
There was a good report that came out Oct.10, 2010 for Croatia; during the first nine months of the year, exports rose 13.5% compared to the same period last year, while imports declined 3.6%.

2) Let us pray for the churches. May the Lord walk through the churches letting His manifest presence be seen in their mist. May all doubts be vanquished.
3) We pray that the gifts of the Spirit be stirred up in the saints. Let the Croatian Christians mature in the Lord’s character.
4) Let us pray for the schools in Croatia. May the door be open to the Gospel.
5) Lord, we ask that a hunger for You would rise in the youth. Lord, we pray for a great out pouring of grace upon the youth of Croatia.
6) Expose the lies of the enemy. Save them before their hope is shattered.
7) We pray that the youth in the churches be given a burden for their lost friends in the schools and in their neighborhoods.
8) Lord, anoint your evangelist in Croatia. Put fire in their hearts for the lost and dying. Lord, save this present generation, let this be their time of visitation.
9) Let us pray that the churches would not shrink away into their buildings for the winter but would go into the marketplace to make friends and share the Gospel.
10) Oh, Lord, can You give breath to Old Churches. Buildings that represent You but are void of life. Breath on these great structures new life.

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Pray for Croatian Evangelistic Outreach in Zagreb.
THE FIRST WEEKEND OF DECEMBER we are holding a family seminar "Raising a Family with Vision and Purpose" with Dr. F. Dean and Wanda Hackett. This seminar is not just about raising children, although great emphasis is given to childrearing in these difficult times, but there will also be topics on marriage and how a husband and wife can effectively communicate with one another, as well as how parents can effectively communicate with their children. We take very seriously the fact that we are raising up a second generation of godly men and women who will carry on our vision to see the country of Croatia in a full-scale revival, on fire for Jesus Christ!

AS WE PREPARE TO celebrate Christ's birth, please keep us in your prayers as ahead of us we have many opportunities to evangelize our city. First of all, two Saturdays in December we will set up our booth at the main train station where we will hand out free hot dogs and speak with passers-by about the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, our band is playing for the annual Advent in Zagreb. Once again, they have received a very good time slot - a time when the square will be filled with people - so they are diligently rehearsing songs that proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and what Christmas really means for both the lost and saved. We pray that this year we will see lost souls come to Jesus Christ.

WE THANK YOU for your prayers, keep believing as we continue to labor in the fields of our Lord!


Mario Ducic