Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pray for Serbia

It is time for Serbia to stand tall among the nations. Let Serbia’s colorful flag fly in front of international buildings, in conference halls and at state dinners around the world.

Pray these prayers as declarations; “here on earth as in heaven”. (Luke 11:2)

1. Let us pray for Serbia’s prestige. Lord, we know prestige is a virtue that is earned. Lord, release the force of good in the Serbian nation. Restore Serbia’s greatness, not through nationalism but through goodness.
2. Let the day come when Serbia’s national pride is reestablished upon the good works she has done.
3. Lord, Serbia needs intercessors. Men and women that will cry out night and day for the Lord’s mercy. Serbia needs prayer warriors that will cast out the forces of darkness, open gates of righteousness and hold the enemy in check. Champions, Serbia needs champions.
4. Where are the Daniels? Daniel devoted himself to prayer and was so trusted by God with wisdom that he affected the course of two empires.
5. Serbia needs restoration; Serbia needs to earn the forgiveness of its neighbors. Lord, we ask for the “helpful hand” of Serbia to come forth.
6. It takes strong families to make strong nations. Restore the families of Serbia. Turn fathers to their children and children to their parents. Let the fathers put down their alcohol and pick up their children.
7. Overall, Lord, we ask that Serbia will be blessed. Let the abundance of grain come forth. Let the hills and valleys bring forth fat sheep and cattle. Release in Serbia a spirit of discovery that will bring forth new inventions to stir up new industry. We declare that Serbia will rise up to be a blessing to Europe and the world. We rebuke the notion that Serbia will stumble off into a drunken and dysfunctional state.
8. Personal prayer: My family and I will be visiting Serbia the second week of June. May we be a blessing to family, friends and churches. This is not necessarily a ministry trip but when you carry the Hope of the world, God can open doors.

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