Monday, May 09, 2011

Pray for Montenegro

BRUSSELS, Belgium --03/05/2011-- The European Commission (EC) will carefully monitor Montenegrin authorities' steps in guaranteeing security during the first ever Gay Pride parade in the country, scheduled for May 31st, EC spokesperson Natasha Butler said on Monday (May 2nd). She added that threats against event organizers, posted in Facebook, are raising concerns. Butler said participation by senior officials in the Gay Pride event would be a symbolic gesture supporting the fight against discrimination.

1) Let us pray against this event on May 31st that is aimed at displaying the homosexual lifestyle. First of all Lord, we ask You to confuse their plans. Pray that either the participation will be so small or just have to cancel. Second that Montenegrins would feel repulsive toward this event. Also let’s pray that godly men and women would reach out to those that identify themselves as homosexual.
2) This is a time of great change in Montenegro. Let us pray that there would be respect for the churches and the Christians by the government, market place, civil institutions, etc.
3) Let us pray against the sins of the past in Montenegro; sins of incest, wife beating, adultery, drunkenness, and child neglect. Lord we ask You to bring your healing touch to the people.
4) Lord, we realize there has to be Christians ready to present Your healing touch. Lord, prepare feet to walk in peace and anointed holy hands to touch the people. Lord, we are asking for the ministry of healing to cover Montenegro.
5) Let us pray for a summer of Christian outreach. Lord, give a burden to the Christians for their lost friends.
6) Let us pray for strategies to be released to the churches to reach out to the culture around them; youth camps, food programs, street drama, neighborhood outreaches, etc
7) Most of all Lord, teach the Montenegrin Christians to pray in power knowing You hear and answer in Your timing.
8) Let us pray for Prime Minister Igor Lukšić. Lord, surround him with godly men and women, those that love justice. Give him wisdom to guide the economy of Macedonia

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