Monday, September 19, 2011

Pray for Albania

Albania is the size of Belgium and has a population of about 3,300,000. In Europe, it is the one of the poorest countries and has the highest proportion of young people. It is also Europe's only predominantly Moslem country: 70% of the people have a Moslem background. About 10% are Roman Catholic and 20% Orthodox.

1) Albania has always been an isolated country; being up against the sea on one side and surrounded by a mountain range around its borders. The communist took advantage of this and kept Albania closed off from the world. Now that the door is open and the Albanians are free may they discover the real source of freedom in Jesus Christ. Lord, we not only ask for open doors for the Gospel to freely go into Albania but we ask that Albanian hearts be open. We pray against any spirit of isolation or exclusiveness.

2) Lord, it is glorious to see You move in the mist of nations. We do thank You for opening the doors to Albania. Let us pray for every institution; government and non-government to be managed with honesty, allowing freedom to worship, encouraging development of enterprise, respecting past promises, protecting truth in education, mainly policies that promote peace. There is new leadership arising in Albania. Lord we ask for men and women of principle to be raised up to lead the emerging institutions.

3) Lord we pray that truly a great light would come to the Albanian people. In Isaiah 59 the scriptures talk of “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” Lord we ask that You make the churches strong in Albania. Give them the strength to stand against the influx of post-modern culture and provide a redemptive alternative.

4) Let us pray against militant Islam and those that would want to stir up trouble in Albania. May there be peace between the religions. Although Christianity is classified as a religion, actually it is people just being like Jesus. May Your people Lord, go and do works of righteousness.

5) Let us pray for Albanian Evangelical Mission, a prayer and mission group raised up in the United Kingdom to reach Albania. AEM have been working for Albania since 1986. May the Lord continue to bless their efforts to spread the Gospel in Albania. (For more information, see their website,

6) Lord we pray for the present churches in the land. Give them shepherds that seek You and love the sheep like You love Your bride. Pastors and Priest, that are open to the needs of the people. Lord, give revelation that is Your wisdom poured out.

7) Lord we pray You send teachers into Albania and raise up teachers in the churches. The Christians need to know the blessings of living the Christian life.

8) Let us pray for the Muslim population of Albania. They are so special to the Lord, so may He send out labors into their fields, neighbors and businesses.

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