Monday, September 26, 2011

Pray for Bosnia Herzegovina

The fact is, Bosnia Herzegovina is a mixed up country. Three nationalities, two federations in one country; Three presidents from the three nationalities that rotate in the office. Some people say they are Croatian, some say they are Serb and some Bosniak, but they are all suppose to be Bosnian. After Yugoslavia split up these three nationalities in Bosnia went to war against each other. NATO and the Americans settled the war with the Dayton Accord. Most people think this settlement caused more problems than it solved. Also they have to agree that it did stop the killing and although the constitution is really crazy, at least there is no war presently.

1) Let us pray that Bosnians be able to put the war behind them. The Lord needs to work forgiveness into the people of all three ethnic groups.

2) Only revival can bring about a national change of heart. With very little happening spiritually in Bosnia Herzegovina, we need to pray for a miracle. Let us intercede for the Lord to have mercy on the country and open doors.

3) Let us pray for the evangelical churches, asking the Lord to shine grace upon them. May the Christians realize they are a “light on a hill”. The Lord has provided in His word the solutions for the country, let us pray the Christians would stand up in the culture and let their banner fly.

4) Let us pray for the Catholic and Orthodox churches, that the priest would turn from nationalism and seek to be used as part of the solution.

5) Let us pray for the Bosniaks, especially those that embrace Islam. Pray that they too would seek to live peaceably with all nationalities.

6) Lord, we pray for a plan to reach the Muslims of Bosnia Herzegovina.

7) Lord, we pray that you would send out labors to harvest the fields. Truly the fields are ripe. There is such a lack of hope in Bosnia. Lord, we ask that a message of hope would go forth in the land.

8) We pray that the churches, Christians and all the missionaries that the Lord sends would be so filled with hope that people would be drawn to them. Bosnia needs an out-pouring of hope.

Psalms 33:22 Let Your mercy, O LORD, be upon us, Just as we hope in You.

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