Monday, May 21, 2012

Pray for Turkey
Week of May 21-27,2012

In the Early Church, they first sent missionaries to Asia Minor (Turkey). Turkey was evangelized to the point that a third of the great city, Ephesus, was Christian. From Turkey missionaries went out to all the world. Then in the 14th and 15th centuries the Muslim hoards came, conquered Turkey and forced many to convert to Islam. Then the Turks, through the Ottoman Empire, expanded their economic base and their zeal for Islam toward the west and thereby dominated the Balkans for the next 500 years. Turkey has been a land where great movements have been launched.

Although we don’t have the actual numbers, Turkey in the 2nd and 3rd centuries was 33% Christian and by the 5th Century near 100% culturally Christian. Now there is around 0.2% Christians and that includes all Christian denominations. Also it is 100% culturally Islam.

1.       Oh, Lord, what can we do? How can we proclaim Your freedom in Turkey? How did the former saints loose the land, How can it be regained?

2.       Lord, we know Your judgments are serious and Your plans are beyond our ability to figure out, but we will cry out for Your mercy. We just simply ask You to lift Your judgment.

3.       Let us pray for the seeds planted by the Early Church. May they come forth once again and grow in Turkey.

4.       The report is that the evangelicals that are in Turkey are strong in their faith. We first ask You, Lord, for their protection. Next we ask for their encouragement. Lord, we pray that Your presence will be with them daily; Divine guidance.

A great number of youth in Turkey and the Muslim world are getting tired of the “don’ts” of the Muslin culture. Through the internet and their cell phones they are finding out that other teenagers are living life to the fullest.

5.       This is good and this is bad. We know materialism is deceptive and following secular pop-stars is also. Let us pray that they would hear of the greatest star of all, Lord Jesus.

6.       Thank You, Lord, for the dreams and visions You are giving many Muslims. The Muslim understands the dream language, so Lord we ask that You continue to speak to them in the night.

7.       Let us pray for intercessors that will develop a discipline to pray for Turkey.

8.       Let us pray for more Turkish speaking evangelist that will go.

9.       Lord, send out Turkish ministers on radio, television and the internet. Lord, we ask for invasion.

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