Monday, August 06, 2012

Pray for Turkey

Asia Minor (Turkey) was once the center of Christianity. From the church in Antioch, mission outreaches went north into Asia Minor and had great success proclaiming Jesus to the Greek and pagan idol worships. Then starting in the 11th century the Seljuk Turks from Central Asia begin to move in through conquest. They had embraced Islam so they slowly drove the Christian culture out, usually at the point of a sword. There was a backlash from European Nobles and the organized church. They sent forth the Crusades with the main objective of recapturing the Holy Land. The Crusades were defeated and the final conquest was marked by the fall of Constantinople (modern Istanbul) in 1453. This was a massive blow to Christendom, and the Ottoman Turks thereafter were free to advance into Europe without an adversary to their rear.
Now in the modern age, Turkey is a solid 99% Islamic nation. Having a population of 75 million people, Turkey has an estimated 100,000 Christians and only about 7,000 are evangelical.  
   1)       Let us pray for this vast amount of people that do not know Jesus as savior.
  2)      There is a serious concerted effort of intercessory groups praying for Turkey. Lord, we ask that You encourage them daily with direction, favor and most of all Your presence. Show these dedicated intercessors Your plans for Turkey. Help them to raise up Houses of Prayer in the vital cities and ports of entry. Lord, we ask that these houses of prayer have an open heaven where revelation flows freely.
  3)     Let us pray for the Christian tent-maker, marketplace ministers the Lord has sent to Turkey. Open the market place positions where they can apply Biblical solutions to business problems.
  4)      As technology spreads out across Turkey may many Turks login to Gospel Internet sites.
  5)      Let us pray that the Gospel will be broadcast louder than Western humanism over radio, television and the internet.
  6)      Lord, raise up evangelist that have a burning heart for the Turkish people. Open the doors into the cities for these evangelist to proclaim the Gospel.
  7)      Let us pray for Turkish Facebook evangelist, keyboard evangelist with zeal to reach Turkey.

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