Monday, August 27, 2012

Pray for Bulgaria

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Just as in other parts of the Balkans, the Roma people (gypsies) in Bulgaria are generally treated as second class citizens, who regularly face social exclusion, racism, substandard education, hostility, joblessness, rampant illness, inadequate housing, lower life expectancy, unrest, living on desperate margins, stereotypes, mistrust, rights violations, discrimination, marginalization, appalling living conditions, prejudice, human rights abuse, etc.

1)    Let us pray for the hearts of the Bulgarian people. Overall the Bulgarians are a good people but there is this prejudge against the Roma. Lord, we ask for You to create trust among the races in Bulgaria.
2)    We want to especially pray for Bulgarian Christians. Let us pray that many would be moved with compassion to reach out to the Roma people.
3)    We know there are Roma churches being raised up in Bulgaria. All over the Balkans God is moving among the Roma. Lord, we just want to praise You for bringing them to the table.
4)    Lord, we pray for healthy interaction between Bulgarian Christians and the Roma Christians. The redeemed of both races will stand before the Lord’s throne and praise Him together, for eternity.
5)    Lord, we know the Roma as a people group, have many problems; They are known for their dishonesty and disrespect to others. Lord, we know You have a new nature for us all. Lord, let your heavenly standard spread throughout the Roma communities.
6)    The Roma have decided to live among other cultures rather than seek a nation of their own. Lord, help them to respect their host country.

The Balkan Networks, an organization located in Romania, has sent out a call to intercessors to set aside September 2nd to pray for the Balkan countries. Let us join in, this coming Sunday, and pray for God’s favor for the Balkans. I recommend you read over their website.

Welcome to Balkan networks -

This website has been created to join together followers of Jesus in the Balkan region. We believe that God is “moving” in the Balkans and wants [us] to stand together in unity with Kingdom minded people.

We would like to invite followers of Jesus to stand together in a day of prayer for the region on 2nd September 2012.
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