Monday, May 06, 2013

Pray for Albania

Week of May 6 - 12, 2013

By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN  -  Op-Ed Columnist  When I was in Albania last week, I was amazed by the people's basic desire for a stable life, and that tells me two things. It tells me that the citizens of Albania have no shortage of courage, and that is a good beginning to grow from. Second, it tells me that people in Albania are just like people anywhere else on this flat earth of ours.

So what should we do about the chaos in Albania? Well, it's easier to start with what we should not do. We should not let seemingly endless frustrations cause the people of Albania to doubt their chance at progress. Beyond that, we need to be careful to nurture the seeds of democratic ideals. The opportunity is there, but I worry that the path to stability is so strewn with obstacles that Albania will have to move down it very slowly. Published: May 5, 2013

1.      There is great hope for Albania. I don’t always agree with Thomas Friedman but he does offer hope for Albanians. Pray for Albania and all their institutions as they seek freedom and a better life.

2.      There is much investment going into Albania at this time to develop their coast line. Please pray that Christian construction companies would seize upon this opportunity to bless that nation with development and especially jobs. 

3.      May the Gospel always have the freedom to be proclaimed in Albania. Pray that Orthodox and Muslim leaders would not stir up opposition to Evangelical churches and try to restrict them from spreading the Gospel.

4.      Let us pray for evangelical in Albania. May they seize upon the open door they have to preach the Gospel throughout Albania.

5.      Lord, we ask strategies be given the churches to evangelize Albania.

6.      Many foreign Christian groups have gone to Albania since Communism fell. Let us pray for the seeds that were sown. Let us pray for more missionaries to be sent.

7.      May the churches rise up and touch the social fabric of Albania. Give the pastors vision and strategies to communicate the gospel to the population.

8.      I just believe this is a time of decision for Albania. There is an election coming up in June in Albania. Let us pray for people to be elected that will stand up against corruption. 

9.      Pray that the media would do their job and report all the news and not be favorable to one political party over others. May the journalists be bold and factual in their reporting.

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