Monday, July 01, 2013

Pray for Croatia

Week of July 1-7, 2013

I had taken a month off from publishing the Prayer for the Balkans prayer directives and it is good to be back in the flow. The restoration of the Gospel in the Balkan countries is my passion and I welcome all to join this worthy cause. 

This Monday morning opens with Croatia being now the 28th country to join the European Union. With 66% of Croats in favor of the move, there is much rejoicing and hope for Croatia to have a new and promising future. So far the EU has been a uniting force and not an empire that enslaves its subjects. What Charlemagne, Napoleon and Hitler tried to do militarily is being done by an economic and political entity with no face.

Fireworks erupted over Zagreb and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy rang out in the city’s main square at midnight, as the former Yugoslav republic hoisted EU flags and EU signs were unveiled at the country’s border posts.
Because of this event, I have pulled up 

and have read at least a consolidated version of the CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. This part mainly lays out individual rights of citizens and inhabitants of the European Union. If you live in an EU country I would suggest you read it. It is available at

I am amazed at the wording of the document and the fact that it clearly and simply qualifies things like Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, Freedom of expression and information, Freedom of assembly and of association, Cultural, religious and linguistic diversity, Family and professional life, etc. 

I did do a search of The Treaty and found religion was equated with sexual orientations as a right against discrimination.

So let us Pray:
1)      Lord we pray that this act of Croatia joining the European Union would be a positive step for all Croats.

2)      We know from history how many wars and injustices have occurred because of the European people groups not being able to live together. Lord, may You work through the EU to bless the people of Europe and help them live in peace.

3)      Lord, we know from Matthew 24 and Revelation 11:18 that the nations will be judged and we know from the book of Daniel that you judge empires. Let us pray for the European Union and its administrators; May they always seek to promote peace among all men.

4)      Since most border restrictions between Croatia and other EU nations will be loosened, let us pray for the free-flow of ministries across those borders so all European Christians may benefit from each other.

5)      Let us pray that the Church would be the example of unity among European people.

6)      Let us pray for investment to flow into Croatia now that they are part of the EU.

7)      Let us pray that respect of all (un-harmful) religions would now be fully honored in Croatia. Let it be decreed that no longer can a National Church influence laws and label other faith expressions as cults.

8)      Let us pray for President Ivo Josipović and the Croatian government as they take on new responsibilities and adjust to the European treaties. May the rule of law be rightly adjudicated and corruption exposed.

9)      Above all, we pray for the positioning of godly men and women in the government Croatia.

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