Monday, August 19, 2013

Pray for Turkey

Week of Aug. 19-25, 2013

In 1987, Turkey applied to join what was then the European Economic Community, and in 1997 it was declared eligible to join the European Union. Accession negotiations started in 2005. There are many objections from other EU members but the main objection is the differences between Turkey and Greece over the government of Cyprus. Also many object to a Muslim nation being part of the EU.
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Will being omitted to the EU help the spread of the Gospel in Turkey? Most Muslim countries restrict and persecute Christians. In the EU constitution it states there is to be freedom of religion. Generally Muslims are tolerant of the Christian religion as long as the Christians are a silent minority, but when there is a move of God, persecution is the Islamic tool.

Let’s pray for God’s intervention.

1) Lord, we put Turkey in Your hands. If joining the European Union is Turkey’s future, then make it an open door for evangelism.
2) With Turkey being 96.1% Muslim, we pray for discontentment and a hunger for the truth amongst those following Islam.
3) Islam does not make room for a loving personal savior. May Muslims realize their emptiness and begin to seek God, their Creator.
4) I thank you Lord, that You have a plan to reach the empty hearts in Turkey.
   a. Lord, we know many of Your people are praying for Turkey. May angels go forth and stir up Turks to seek truth. God will reveal Himself to those that seek Him. (Matt.7:7)
   b. We ask for hearts to be softened and made ready for the Gospel. Thank you Lord for the reports of how you are already causing Turks to see You in their dreams and how the Gospel is being broadcast in the Turkish language.
   c. Lord prepare Your laborers to gather souls in Turkey. Open the heavens above Your saints, giving them revelation, zeal and an overcoming love for the lost.
5) There are Houses of Prayer in Turkey. May these houses of prayer have protection from Islamic radicals.
6) Lord we understand how the emerging of Your Kingdom works; many will be persecuted for believing in Jesus. May they comprehend that the Gospel is like a pearl that is worth all cost. Matt. 13:46 (May we in Gospel friendly nations be grateful for our freedom to worship)

For Encouragement: This past weekend I met a lady who took part in a prayer-walk and anointed large parts of Eastern Turkey with oil. She had a vision of a fire that started in Eastern Turkey and then spread across to Western Turkey. Studying early church history, we know that the Gospel came from Antioch and spread across Asia Minor; may this happen again, in our life time.

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