Monday, August 26, 2013

Pray for Albania

Week of Aug. 26 - Sept. 1, 2013

In the News: Plastic, cans, empty cigar packs and banana skins litter the sand of Shengjin beach, making unattractive company for thousands of tourists who have invaded this shore of Adriatic Sea, some 45 kilometers from Tirana [Albania]. Pigs sift through rubbish alongside the road.

An old saying may ring true here, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

Waste management poses a real problem in Albania. Likely there is a lack of revenue to have a fully functioning Waste Management Department. It is a common thing in Albania for people to throw their trash into the rivers and along the roadways. Rivers carry this rubbish into the sea polluting it.

Albania is positioned to expand in the area of tourism. Investors are buying coast land and development is on the rise. Albania is on the Adriatic coast which is a favorite vacation spot for many throughout Europe.

The good vs. the bad; two opposing sides to this issue. The bad could discourage the good. So many times God wants to bless us and prepares a plan for us, but we let the ‘trash’ in our lives rob us of His blessings. The same principle applies in the case of Albania.

1) I think of the trash and I think of neglect. Also, neglect speaks of a lack of ownership and value. Lord, we pray for a transformation of this cultural norm. May the Albanian people develop a pride in keeping their country clean. We pray for a sense of accountability, ownership and value to take root in the Albanian people.

2) Pray for a ‘Clean up Albania’ campaign. May such a program be instigated by Christians.

If Albanian Christians started walking down the streets picking up trash, this would show their servant heart. Acts of kindness can breakdown walls of resistance.

3) Let us pray that the churches would organize and collectively be servants to their communities and country.

4) The Bride of Christ in Albania is responsible for the spiritual condition of the country. Let us pray for a stirring up of evangelism.

5) We must remember the trash Jesus cleaned out of our lives. Let us pray that the Albanian people would desire to live clean before the Lord.

6) As a nation we pray that the inner cleansing of individuals would be reflected in a beautiful nation coming forth.

7) During many years of communist, the regime aggressively pursued a policy of isolation for Albania. Let us pray that the spirit of seclusion be broken.

8) Socialist policies cause people to feel disconnected and unaccountable for the country and community they live in. Let us pray for justice in government. Let us pray that the government would strive to earn the trust and respect of the people.

9) Investment is a good thing for Albania. Let us pray for the ‘right’ investment. Many times criminals launder their illegal money through property ownership, consequently producing evil vices and corruption.

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