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Pray for Bulgaria

Week of Sept. 9-15, 2013
On September 6, Bulgaria celebrates the unification of the northern Rumelia with southern Bulgaria in the year 1885.
Bulgaria marks 128th anniversary of its Unification
06 September 2013 | 18:09 / FOCUS News Agency / Bulgaria

Sofia. The central celebrations for the 128th anniversary of Bulgaria’s Unification kick off at 8:30 p.m. local time on Friday in the southern city of Plovdiv. President Rosen Plevneliev and Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski will be there. In the morning metropolitan bishop Nikolay of Plovdiv held a public prayer. Representatives of the local authorities, MPs and citizens arrived in the church. In his speech metropolitan bishop Nikolay said that on Bulgaria’s Unification Day the politicians in power in Bulgaria were split. Hate has gripped the society and love, faith in God and values are the only counteraction, he said.
After the church service wreaths and flowers were laid to the monument to Zahari Stoyanov.
"The unification we celebrate today is a result of the nation’s own efforts and the persistency of a fair cause," Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova said at the ceremony marking the 128th anniversary of Bulgaria’s Unification.
6 September 1885 is the date that tells us we should do the most important task on our own, without delays and hesitation. We should not forget that only united we can face the difficulties on our mutual path, she added.

According to her a nation celebrating its unification has strength and wisdom to respond to any attempt to divide citizens.
She also called for not forgetting our ancestors' wisdom and the lessons of history.

She thanked the representatives of patriotic organizations, military organizations, veterans, reserve officers, because, she said, "they are always on the forefront and always convey their spirits to the young."
1) It is important to note what the Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop Nikolay said, "Hate has gripped the society and love, faith in God and values are the only counteraction". Let us pray for Bulgarians to take to heart these words of the bishop.
2) Lord, we hope for the day when Bulgarians are unified around love for one another, faith in God and walking in righteous values.
3) More than 80% of Bulgarians claim to be Orthodox, however only 1% regularly participates in the life of the church. The years of communist atheism has left Bulgarians very skeptical of Christianity. Let’s pray for steps to reverse spiritual apathy in Bulgaria.
4) Lord, we ask that You remind the Bulgarian people of the reality of eternity. May they question their future and realize their need for a God of justice.
5) May the bishop’s words be a prophetic call to trust in God not government.
6) The mayor of Sofia asked for "strength and wisdom to respond to any attempt to divide citizens." In the sphere of Bulgarian government, we pray for wisdom to rule over emotions so a united front can build confidence in the people.
7) It is estimated that there are 2% evangelicals in Bulgaria; this is higher than most Balkan countries. Let us thank the Lord for the rise of evangelicals in the past twenty years. May they be in unity and press forward to see many more saved in Bulgaria.
8) About 12% of Bulgarians are Muslim. Let us pray for missionaries to be sent to the Muslim population. (I encourage you to read a short story of Hari and his wife, Penka Atanasovi They are reaching Muslims in northern Bulgaria)

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