Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Pray for Kosovo

Week of Sept. 30 - Oct. 6, 2013

In the News: EU to Deploy 100 Kosovo Election Observers

Samuel Zbogar, head of the EU Office in Pristina, announced that more than 100 European observers will monitor the elections due to be held throughout Kosovo on November 3.

The EU High Representative, Catherine Ashton, decided to deploy an observer mission for local elections in Kosovo on September 19, appointing an Italian lawmaker in the European Parliament, Roberto Gualitieri, as head of mission.

Zbogar noted that the mission was being sent to Kosovo on the request of President Atifete Jahjaga of Kosovo, and because civil society groups in Kosovo had urged the EU “to send a mission in order not to repeat the problems seen in the electoral process [in Kosovo] in the past”.    

1. As we pray for Kosovo it is important to ask God to raise up godly men and women to lead that nation. May this election on November 3rd, be a step in that direction.
2. Lord, You direct the heart of kings (Pr. 21:1), may You direct this election.
3. During this per-election time period, let us pray that corrupt candidates will be exposed and trusted ones will gain favor.

I read an unconfirmed report that 80% of young adults are unemployed or working in black-market jobs. A CIA intelligence report says that the overall unemployment rate is 45.3%.

4. These are disturbing statistics that breed poverty and crime. Let us ask the Lord for a solution that will bring the nation out of poverty. God has a plan; He is looking for worthy men and women to trust His plan with. Oh, Lord, may those that know Your ways come forth with a burden for Kosovo.
5. Like most of the Balkan nations, people have left for better living and better future abroad, this is called a “brain drain”. Let us pray that some of those would return with skills and a determination to rebuild Kosovo.
6. Let us pray for intercessors. May the Lord raise up many to stand in the gap and cry out for souls in Kosovo.
7. Let us also pray for the fivefold ministry. May the Lord raise up Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors and Evangelist. Kosovo needs men and women that can hear His voice and are willing to lay down all for Him in a hard place.

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