Monday, January 06, 2014

Pray for Macedonia

Week of Jan. 6-12, 2014

Be sure and read my Personal Note at the end.

In the News: Macedonians debate anti-tax evasion measures
Police arrested seven members of a 14-member organized crime group and charged them with defrauding the state by 32 million euros in unpaid taxes and other crimes, creating a discussion about the effectiveness of Macedonia's anti-tax evasion measures.

 The criminal group is charged with paying 500 people 10 euros each to form new companies and issue fictitious invoices that claim they sold scrap metals to two companies the group owns.

In past prayer directives concerning corruption in Macedonia, we had prayed the following prayers on the following dates:

2-14-2011 [Because of high unemployment] People are going to find a way to make money even if it is illegal. Lord, we pray that the black-market businesses would dry up and be replaced by a righteous economic standard.

7-2-2012 It is believed that the gray-market business in Macedonia is 40% of the economy, which can breed corruption. Lord, we pray for the exposure of those involved in dishonest trade.

12-17-2012 The wicked persecute the poor because they are an easy target. Let us pray that the wicked of Macedonia would be humbled before the poor.  Lord, expose the financial schemes that are designed to rob the poor.

Let us pray along the following points this week:

1)    Corruption is such an evil scar on any society. Lord, we thank You for answering prayers in exposing this crime group.
2)    Lord, we pray that You would root out the crime organizations in Macedonia. May they stumble like the above crime group. They would stumble in such a way that even corrupt politicians and judges could not protect them.
3)    Evidently the law agency that rounded up this crime group were men of principle following the law. Let us pray for many more honest and righteous men and women to go into government and law enforcement.

Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:16-17NIV

4)    How can men wash and make themselves clean? Only by submitting to the Lord as it is His blood that cleanses us from sin. Let us pray for men’s hearts in Macedonia to be cleansed by submitting to the redemptive power of God.
5)    Let us pray for all the oppressed, widows, orphans to be visited by Jesus’ peace.  Lord, we pray for dreams, visions and divine encounters with Christians for all those suffering from injustice. (Orthodox Christmas is in January)
6)    It is time for the oppressed to be lifted up in Macedonia. Let us pray for those 500 that were used by that criminal organization. May a special seed of grace be planted in their hearts.

7)    Let us pray for the next generation of Christian leaders in Macedonia. May the 60 year olds lead forth following those that have gone on before. May the 40 year olds be disciplined in all their service to the house of God. May the 20 year olds be full of fire for God, not giving the devil any rest. The children, may they be nurtured in the love of the Lord.

Personal Note:  2013 was truly a year of transition and a new year with new opportunities is now before us. My prayer is that you will make giant steps toward fulfilling your destiny in His Kingdom. May the Lord share His heart with you and give you insight in your times of intercession.

Last week there was no prayer directive because we were making our move to Croatia. Thank you for your prayers because the move we made was intense. We liquidated 90% of our belongings. Zuzanna made the statement yesterday, “It is like we are newlyweds starting out, having to furnish our home from scratch.” We appreciate your prayers for His grace and provision in this process.

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