Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pray for Romania

Week of Jan. 20-26, 2014

We just returned from Romania after a successful outreach to the Roma (Gypsy) people in the Transylvanian area, where we shared the gospel with teenagers in the public school, we taught hygiene and health to women and we brought coats, boots and groceries to some of the poorest Roma we have ever seen. Many opened their hearts and received Jesus as their personal savior. We had fifteen on the team and we partnered with the Romanian Buckner Foundation. They have an after school program for Roma children and a monthly program with the mothers.

Buckner also has a group home (mini orphanage) where they have full custody of five children and are about to adopt three more. What an honor it was to server along the Buckner staff. They are true heroes.

Let us Pray:
1)    Lord, we ask that You bless European Initiative and the donors that helped financially underwrite the outreach. May the Lord poor out a double portion of His blessings upon them.
2)    Let us pray for each individual that gave of their time, money and skills to go on this trip. Some didn’t even know what they could give but the Holy Spirit flowed through them because of their availability.
3)    We pray for each life we were able to touch on this outreach. God has a plan for their lives and desires to secure in their hearts the hope that was ministered to them. Pray that the seed will be protected, watered and nurtured by sincere follow-up.
4)    It is so important to pray for those doing the follow-up. Lets pray for the staff and employees of  Buckner, as well as the two churches who were involved with the work. Pray that the follow-up team would really take into their hearts those that we made contact with. May they be empowered by the gifts of the Spirit to nurture these young Christians.
5)    Let us ask the Lord to cover Transylvania and especially the Targu Mures area. The enemy lost many souls this past week and the Kingdom was displayed to many.
6)    Pray for Romania as a country for the Lord has blessed that land. According to Operation World, Romania has over 5% evangelicals; which is a much greater count than any other country in the Balkans.  While there, I was praying for the country and I felt the Lord say that He had performed a special work of humility in the people during communist days and now they are capable of richly displaying His goodness.

As some of you know, Zuzanna and I arrived to Romania a few days early so we could complete final preparations and scout out the land.  Prior to leaving for Romania, I was sick and it was just not getting better. By the first day of the outreach, my situation deteriorated so much so, that I ended up in the emergency room.  I had Bronchial Pneumonia and by the grace of God, after five days of steroid and antibiotics through IV, I am slowly feeling better. Let me just tell you though, that God met with me in a special way. Although I was uncomfortable, week and coughed a lot, I was able to wage war on behalf of the team. The team’s testimonies and the incredible unity throughout the trip made us realize that this was my assignment for this specific outreach.

As we are now setting up a base in the Balkans, there will be many opportunities for you to join one of our outreaches. Please pray about becoming a financial partner or perhaps being a part of one of the teams.

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