Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pray for Macedonia

Week of July 21-27, 2014

Macedonia needs an outpouring of God’s Spirit. This is a country which has many problems with her neighbors; 1) Bulgaria says Macedonia has distorted the history of Bulgaria’s influence over the area, 2) Greece will not accept the name Macedonia because it has its own Macedonian area in Greece, 3) then there is the Greater Albanian movement demanding that Albanians in Macedonia have autonomy. This leads to the internal ethnic groups demanding special treatment and the government officials trying to balance out the laws to represent their concerns.

Our prayer is that all nations would accept their present borders and work internally to insure full representation of all ethnic groups in all internal institutions. The truth is that this can only happen through an applied Christian worldview.

Prayer Points:
1)    First of all let us pray for peace in Macedonia. As ethnic frustrations come to a head, may men and women of common sense take the leadership to work through to a peaceful solution.
2)    In order for Macedonia to survive there must be solutions to these ethnic problems. Let us pray for a peaceful dialog between all ethnic people groups involved.
3)    The greatest need is for Christians to be positioned by the Lord into the Macedonian spheres of influence. Let us pray for men and women with the spirit of Joseph. Joseph in the Bible never denied his nationality but he served his captors with excellence and devotion.
4)    Also there is the spirit of Daniel in the Bible. He was held captive in Babylon but he faithfully served three kings. Lord, we ask that You raise up Macedonian saints that will be Your representatives in all the spheres of influence in that country.
5)    (Daniel prayed three times a day and he was the adviser to three kings) Lord, we ask for men and women that will pray for Your guidance daily. Macedonia needs these men and women of integrity.
6)    May a respect for others’ reasonable rights be a theme that gains acceptance in Macedonia. Let us stand in prayer against those that cause ethnic strife. May their organizations dry up and their voices lose influence.
7)    Let us pray that the churches would become centers of strategy to reach out to the institutions of Macedonia. Let us ask for Christians that go into the marketplace daily letting Jesus flow through them.
8)    Let us pray for the power of dis-unity to be broken off Macedonia and a spirit of cooperation to take over. Lord, give the intercessors of Macedonia insight and authority to break this present spirit of division.

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