Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Pray for Bosnia Herzegovina

Week of Sept. 8-14, 2014

In the News: Up to five feared dead in Bosnian coal mine accident

(Reuters) - Up to five Bosnian miners were feared dead after a rock burst left them trapped, rescuers and other miners said on Friday, as emergency teams evacuated others who had spent more than 18 hours underground.

Mine Manager Esad Civic said 29 miners had been rescued, among 34 who had been trapped half a kilometre below the surface after an earthquake triggered a rock burst on Thursday afternoon.
•    Thomas  - (Comment) Being from SW Pa, you had few choices for employment: Steel Mills or Coal Mines. Both very dangerous, underpaid for services and certainly unappreciated. Education was/is one of the few ways out.

Prayer Points:
1)    Let us pray for the miners that lost their lives in this tragedy in the Raspotocje mine in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). Pray that their families will be taken care of by the community, friends and government. I don’t know if there is an evangelical church in the area but may a group of Christians be moved to reach out to these families.
2)    Thomas (unknown American) has a very good point about education. The uneducated tend to end up with the tough and dangerous jobs at a lower pay. Let us pray for the educational system of B&H.
3)    May the parents in B&H fulfill their duty to direct and challenge their children to excel in school. We pray that the Christian families would lead the way in providing a good education for their children.
4)    Let us pray for a day in B&H when disciplined and educated Christians are raised up to lead the nation.
5)    B&H does have a Muslim majority and much money and efforts are being spent on radicalizing them. Let us pray that the enemies’ plans in the Muslim communities would fail.
6)    The churches in B&H are small and weak but may they open their hearts to share the love of Jesus with their Muslim neighbors.
7)    Let us pray for the birthing of ministries specifically to the Muslims in B&H. Lord, please send missionaries who have a heart for and know how to reach Muslims.
8)    Lord Jesus, we pray for revival in B&H. Lord, may the people be set free from the tragedies of the past and come forth healed and redeemed.

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