Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Praying for Croatia

Week of Sept. 30 - Oct. 5, 2014

Croatian Praise Report

God is moving in Croatia. As most of you know, we moved to Zagreb, Croatia at the end of last year, and we are elated to see His work throughout this country. This nation is so blessed in so many ways. God truly has a remnant here and they are learning to not be lethargic about His Kingdom.
•    Around the middle of August there was a mountain experience. The leadership of a Christian group here called for a prayer initiative in an area of Croatia near the Dalmatian coast. About 60 Christians came from all over Croatia to a mountain that is considered a point of historical significance. They trekked to the top of the mountain and had a day of prayer. A huge storm came and pounded that mountain during this time. It was amazing to see flags waving and even the Shofar was blown. The remnant stood together in the glory of the Lord to make a statement against the evil principalities of Croatia. Also the great storm that pounded the mountain was just the enemy trying to fight back. The big storm was indicative of powerful forces, and we must trust Him to overcome it. (Example: The land was promised to the children of Israel but Joshua had to fight for it.)
•    In September there were some special meetings in Croatia. John Malinda of Uganda and Mark Daniels from America, were the keynote speakers. The word being brought forth to Croatia was about building altars. First build an altar in your family, second in your church and then build an altar for the nation. Many Croatian Christians were impacted and received fresh revelation of the Kingdom.
•    There are several prayer meetings throughout the city and some meet daily. It is so reassuring to know the Christians are praying here. As we know, God always answers sincere prayers.

Prayer Points:
1)    Thank You Lord, for blessing Croatian. You are truly hearing the prayers of Your people.
2)    We know that the Word of the Lord does not return void. Let us pray for the continual moving of the Holy Spirit across Croatia and His Word being delivered to hungry hearts.
3)    May Croatian Christians increase in their pursuit of Him. Let us pray for a deeper surrender.
4)    It is a strong desire of European Initiative that pastors be united. As EI teams minister to the lost, we need safe churches to plug the converted into. Pray that the churches would receive the lost and newly converted with open arms.
5)    Let us pray for a culture of honor among the pastors and Christians in Croatia. May the evangelicals be united in their love for one another.
6)    Let us pray that the churches of Croatian will be burdened for the lost. Pray that they turn outwards and pick up the mental of evangelism.
7)    Lord, we ask for the maturing of the gift of evangelism and the gift of a pastor. May the lost be saved and planted in a healthy church.
8)    There are many barriers to the Gospel in the Croatian culture; but barriers can be broken down. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will give the churches wisdom to break those barriers.
The Bible talks about the gates of hell not prevailing. (Matt. 16:18) Gates are just barriers. The Lord is waiting upon His church to ram the gates and invade the enemy’s domain; the domain that satan stole in the first place.

Balkan Day of Prayer – Balkan Networks is setting aside Nov. 2, 2014 as a Day of Prayer for the Balkan countries. For more information see,  http://www.balkannetworks.org/balkan-day-of-prayer-2-november-2014/about-the-day-2-nov-2014/  For promotional materials see, http://www.balkannetworks.org/balkan-prayer-day-2013/resources/

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