Monday, September 22, 2014

Pray for Bulgaria

Week of Sept. 22-28, 2014

(Balkans) Journey to Transformation – Discovery Weekend – Sofia, 2014

Balkan Networks together with The Sentinel Group is sponsoring the first ever Journey to Transformation Discovery Weekend in the Balkans.

Are you hungry for Revival to come to your nation and to all of the people in the Balkans?  Then you need to come and join us as George Otis Jr., founder of The Sentinel Group, comes to Eastern Europe for the very first time ever to present the Journey to Transformations Discovery Weekend…

Prayer Points:
1)    Please pray for the above conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are believing this conference to be a stepping stone toward a move of God in the Balkans. George Otis, Jr.’s research and inspiration has been value in moving toward the transformation of cities, regions and countries.
2)    Pray for traveling mercy for those flying and driving in from across the Balkans.
3)    Pray that many key leaders in the Balkans will attend. Pray they will be open to personal transformation and also encouraged to believe for their region to be changed.
4)    Let us also pray for those responsible for organizing and hosting the conference.
5)    May we cry out to the Lord of heaven for His plan for this region.

In the News: Bulgaria ready to join the fight against the Islamists and has good reasons to do so >>Копирано от<<

Sofia sees the Islamic State group as very dangerous for Bulgaria and the EU, especially because it involves extremists who have European passports and funding sources from the oil industry.

Also, Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced that it had already decided to establish an Islamic caliphate in Europe and the first country in the Balkans where they would unfurl the great black flag would be Bulgaria. First, because of its excellent strategic position, and secondly because of the thousands of followers and many Muslims who are just waiting for a signal from their leaders to sacrifice their lives in the name of Allah.

But this week has also shown that local Muslims in Bulgaria do not share this idea. In a sharp statement, the Chief Mufti of the Muslim religion in Bulgaria said that the conduct of the pseudo-state formation Islamic State cannot be identified with the dictates of the Holy Islamic religion that are dramatically different.

6)    A dark demonic force has been unleashed by Islamic militants in Syria and Iraq that has resulted in the brutal killings of all that do not agree with them. Nations of the world are forming a coalition to combat this evil. Pray for Bulgaria as they take this step to provide help.
7)    This evil group has declared Bulgaria as their prime target in Europe. Let’s pray that the Bulgarian Christians would intercede and ask the Lord to erect an alter in the spirit that blocks that spirit of death.
8)    Let us thank the Lord for the boldness of the Muslim leadership in Bulgaria and their willingness to stand up for what is right. Let us pray for their protection because local sympathizers may try to lash out at them.
9)    Bulgarians and Turks have had ethnic problems for centuries. Pray that these two groups will dismiss their differences and stand united against this evil coming out of the middle east.

Personal Note:
·    Last week I did not get this prayer directive out due to conflicts with scheduling on my part.
·    I do ask for your prays for Zuzanna and I this week as we travel to Barcelona, Spain to participate in a conference on evangelism toward/in Europe.
·    Thanks for praying for the Balkans and thanks for praying for us. We feel your prayers and diligently work to be your hands extended.

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