Monday, October 20, 2014

Week of Oct. 20-26, 2014

The Macedonian Parliament will soon vote on some questionable amendments to its constitution. Some of the amendment are good and some bad.  I will try and paraphrase some of the amendments:

·    I could not clearly discern from the report if the amendment governing marriage is good or bad but it will change the existing laws. (It could give more acceptance to homosexual unions)
·    An amendment on the international financial zone is not sufficiently precise and could contain a loop-hole for ungoverned laundering of money and black market businesses.
·    Another change removes the Justice Minister from the Court Council, the body that appoints judges, as a way of reducing political influence on the courts.
·    Another change aims to introduce a so-called "constitutional complaint" mechanism whereby people or institutions can file complaints against the authorities.
·    A further change limits the rate of public debt to 60 per cent of GDP and the budget deficit to 3 per cent of GDP.

Prayer Points:
1.    Let us pray for the Macedonian government.
2.    First we want to ask the Lord to extend mercy across Macedonia; the people, government and all institutions. May there be an open window for a time of visitation.
3.    Marriage is an institution ordained by God and nations can incur upon themselves severe judgments when not respecting its sanctity. So let us pray for holy wisdom to prevail as this comes before the Macedonian Parliament.
4.    Let us pray against corruption in Macedonia. We ask for tough laws that do not favor unethical businesses.
5.    It is good that an amendment is being proposed to curb the power of the justice minister to politically influence the courts. Let us pray for the Macedonian court system.
6.    Before Israel had a king they were ruled by judges. It is clear from the scriptures that judges are God’s preferred type of civil government. Let us pray for godly judges to be raised up in Macedonia.
7.    May the gates of Macedonia be attended by godly men and women. Lord, call out these men and women into their destiny to administer Your justice over Macedonia.
8.    Lord, bless Macedonia financially. May productivity blossom with many jobs being created.

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