Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pray for Bulgaria

Week of Dec. 22-28, 2014

Merry Christmas from Praying For the Balkans and European Initiative; May your celebration of the Baby Jesus be full of Joy.

I know we have covered this in prayer before, but it stays on the front of my heart. The Syrian refugees in Bulgaria need help. They need financial help, they need direction for their future and they need empathy. Most of all they need friends that love Jesus and love them.

I visited one of these camps in October and I saw many empty faces. They have seen crisis, they have run from crisis and they are still in crisis. Notice the word crisis has ISIS in it. They had to flee because the Islamic State in Syria was forcing their culture to change through an aggressive civil war.

I visited one of the refugee camps in October and the Commissar of the camp gave me, a friend Wesley Roberts and two Bulgarian pastors a tour. We saw the cramped living conditions and received a list of items they need.

As a watchman in the Balkans, I see this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to reach lost souls and welcome newcomers to a, supposedly, Christian land.

Prayer Points:
1)    Please pray for the Christian and Muslim refugees in Bulgaria.
2)    The Syrian Christians need to know that the Western Christians welcome them as brothers and sisters that had to flee persecution. Thank You, Lord, that they are now physically safe.
3)    There are Bulgarians that begrudge these refugees being in their country. Let us pray for the Bulgarian Christians; may they open their arms and lead the way to meeting the spiritual needs.
4)    I really feel that the Muslims in these camps are confused and dissatisfied with the Islamic religion. Let us ask the Lord for ministers that are sensitive to the Muslim culture and know how to walk these people through to the loving Savior.
5)    As intercessors, let us stand in the gab for the Muslim refugees. Our God loves to take impossible situations and show His glory through redemption. Satan has banished these people but Jesus has a redemptive plan.
6)    Let us pray for a man of God, who is greatly anointed, to be raised up to lead in this effort. A man or woman that has the burden for these people and has a plan from heaven.
7)    There is a need for teachers to go in and continue the children’s education. Lord, raise up Christian teachers.
8)    Pray for the children. May they be healthy physically and not develop deep bitterness emotionally.
9)    What struck me most of all in this camp I visited was the lack of joy. I pray that the joy of the Lord would reach these refugees.

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