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Pray for Albania

Week of Dec. 8-14, 2014

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I am so thankful for my dear intercessor brother, Dag Rane Schjelderup. Dag has ministered in Albania for many years. He sent the follow letter containing his spiritual and sociological update on Albania for us to pray into. With Zuzanna and I presently hosting a team from Charis Bible College in Colorado, little time was available to seek the Lord for Albania. So let us be thankful that there is a man on the ground in Albania that hears from God and supplied the follow insights.

Be Blessed Jerry!


On November 29, the Albanian National Liberation Day (from German troops in 1944), the leaders of the evangelical churches (Ev Alliance) in the country had announced and organized a "Day Joel" (Joel 2:12-17), of Prayer and Fasting for the Chruch and the country. Not only the Germans left Albania, but Communism took over in 1944. As the Israelis were 70 years in Babylon, the Albanians were 70 years under Communism. "Democracy" came in 1990. But the "new" leaders were former communists, and the dictatorial and communist way of thinking and dealings among politicians were dominant till now.

Before Nov 29th this year, likely many hundreds, possibly thousands of believers took part in a 3 weeks of fasting according to Daniel, to repemnt and prepare for the "Day of Joel".

Our local church in Fushe-Kruje and other places where we work, experienced great changes in peoples' and families' lives those days. Root issues that had been hidden "forever" were revealed and dealt with. Many experienced deep deliverance.

On the 29th, about 2000 believers gathered for a 4 1/2 hour prayer meeting, unprecedented in our modern history., repenting of national former and today's issues. Many again experienced a powerful touch and change from God.

But the changes for better in the Church and this nation has just begun. We are already planning for more prayer until and on the next Nov 29th in 2015:

1.     Pray that the move of prayer, repentance and holiness will go on and grow.

2.     Pray that more believers and churches will be a part of this move of the Holy Spirit.

THE NEW ALBANIAN PRIME MINISTER EDI RAMA HAD "RILINDJE" (REBIRTH) AS HIS SLOGAN BEFORE ELECTED. For sure many changes has happened. He has appointed the first ever evangelical Christian as one of his ministers. And he has got evangelical believers as close counsellors, even Rama himself calls himself a humanist. He does not walk around with a train of body-guards, like former leaders used to appear. He has taken tough decisions on school reforms, closing down more than a dozen of badly run private universities. The traffic police are enforcing laws, fines have increased, and the way people drive has improved a lot just in a few months' time. With these radical reforms, he has got many enemies.

3.     Pray for salvation, wisdom and protection for Prime Minister Edi Rama.

4.     Pray for the believers in the government to stay free of corruption and compromise with any evil.

5.     Pray for the "Rilindje" to proceed in God's way for Albania and the Albanians.


As one of the most corrupt nations in Europe, a financial analyst found that about 2/3 of the finances [are] circulated in the hidden/dark/illegal ways. That means that far less is left for righteous wages, taxes etc. A normal manual worker, the lucky one to have a job, does so without social insurance, on 1000 leke (7 €) [$9.50] a day, which is hardly enough to sustain a family of 5 or more with the most basic food, or even to pay for electric power, rent of house etc. A major bank did a research last year, finding that about 1/3 of families are indebted to banks mainly for borrowing money to buy food, even many lie to get loans, telling they will start a business etc. 2/3 of the population is indebted to the local grocery store, not being able to pay for daily bread.

6.     Pray for corruption to come to an end Albania.

7.     Pray that wages and employment levels will rise and become righteous.

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Also I would ask that we pray for Dag. May he continue to be close to the Lord’s heart, knowing the times and the seasons the Lord has ordained.

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