Monday, August 09, 2010

Pray for Bulgaria

Usually before I go to the Lord concerning the Bulgarian prayer list, I have learned to check with a dear prayer warrior there named Filip. He always has fresh news and encouragement. Read what he had to share with me at

1. Filip ask prayer for the many political parties that are complaining about the new government. Lord, we pray that there would be trust in the politics of Bulgaria. May the parties, government workers, and law enforcers be honest with the people about government needs and benefits.
2. Lord, we know government is necessary so we can live in peace. Lord, we just ask for godly people to be positioned by You into government service. Lord, we pray for clean government for Bulgaria. Expose corruption and crime in the ruling class. Actually, there should not be a ruling class but rather just citizens that serve the people.
3. Lord, we ask that the Evangelical churches would have an open door to the government.

Another prayer warrior reports that, like in many parts of the world, the families in Bulgaria are being pulled apart. This goes back to how the communist government taught children Marxist/Atheistic ideas that went against their parents beliefs. These children that were mainly raised by the state, when they started having children, did not have good parenting skills to guide their children. However, the government is now trying to support parents as they raise young children,… One of the ways they are doing this is by increasing the mother’s paid maternity leave… In addition, fathers also receive a 15 day paid leave after the birth… Once the parent’s leave is over, the government will pay grandparents for looking after their grandchildren.

This person also shared that there is an aggressiveness in the children which is causing problems in the schools.

4. Lord, we pray for the families. The roots of any country are the strength of the families. We pray that fathers and mothers would work together to invest in the lives of their children.
5. We pray that parents would seek out godly parenting skills that disciplines and builds character in their children.
6. Thank You, Lord that the government is taking steps to help the parents. Lord, raise up legislators and think tank counselors to guide the government into futher measures to help families.
7. It is reported that students are not actively engaged in learning. Lord, we pray that as You firm up the families to properly care for their children, that they would also pass on the need for education.

Thank you for praying for Bulgaria. God want to do great things in the country and a good relationship between the people and government is important. Direct email to

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