Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pray for Croatia
(Listed 8-16-10)

Summer time in Croatia and many Europeans are vacationing on the Croatian coast, which is considered the eastern Riviera.

1. Vacations are great and we need them to get away and refresh. Let us pray for the vacationers visiting the Croatian coast. We pray that there will be an occasion for them to find the Lord and be truly refreshed by Him.

2. Lord, give the churches in Croatia strategies for reaching these vacationers with the Gospel.

3. Although the youth camps are mostly over with for this summer, we thank the Lord for all He has done in these camps. May the seeds planted in their lives not be stolen by the enemy. (The Parable of the Sower, Matthew 13)

4. Let us pray for the churches of Croatia. Lord, we ask that the Holy Spirit be poured out on Your people. We pray that the pastors would have special encounters with the Lord. Lord, walk with them daily protecting them from the attacks of the enemy.

5. May the pastors and church leaders know the times they live in and seek You for strategies to touch this present generation of Croats.

6. The report is that during the month of July there was a 1% rise in inflation in the Croatian economy. Lord, we pray for financial protection for the churches. We pray for financial increase for the churches also. May money for building materials come in.

7. Pray for the Catholic church of Croatia. Like a lot of European countries the people have a false sense of salvation because of the state church. People believe that because they were baptized as a child then that is all that is required of them. Lord convict the priest (the shepherds) of what Your word really says about being saved by faith, and faith alone.

8. Lord, we ask You to open the hearts of the Croatian people. May they see the real Jesus and the joy of salvation.

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