Monday, August 02, 2010

Pray for Bosnia Herzegovina
(Listed 8-2-2010)

Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, is home to 400,000 people, 95% of whom are nominally Muslim. It still bears the scars of the war that tore apart Yugoslavia in the 1990s; bullet holes and bomb damage mar many of the buildings. Although much of the city has been restored, the people have not forgotten what happened. Whilst I was visiting the city in July, they laid to rest 600 bodies that had been found in a mass grave, victims of the Srebrenica massacre. The theme of the memorial service was “Never Forget” and this is at the heart of the challenge faced by the church in Bosnia.
People never forget their ethnic identity - Bosnian Muslim, Catholic Croat or Orthodox Serb. Religion and nationality are indivisible and to become an evangelical believer means turning your back on your identity, rejecting your people and betraying the memory of all that has happened. Yet people are discovering new life in Christ and becoming a part of one of the 25 churches in the country. In a country of 3.8 million people there are maybe 700 evangelical believers spread around the country. They meet in churches of 20 - 30 people, with just three larger churches of 50 believers.

1. The Srebrenica massacre is truly a scar on Bosnia Herzegovina that will take time to heal. Let us pray that the Lord would especially minister to the victim’s loved ones. What the devil intended for evil and division may it be turned to good.
2. May Srebrenica be a reminder to all three ethnic groups in B-H, Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats, that war has innocent victims and peaceful solutions are worth extra efforts.
3. Let us pray that in Bosnia that to the “never forget” slogan would be added “but forgive”. Those that forgive will be able to go on in life and defeat bitterness.
4. The report above says there may be 700 evangelical believers in the country, a country of almost 4 million people. This needs serious intercession. Pray that God would visit that country.
5. Let us pray for the Christians in B-H. May the Lord hold them in the faith and encourage their hearts. Lord, we ask for Your presence to be in their small gatherings.
6. Lord, send missionaries into Bosnia Herzegovina. Give them strategy to plant churches throughout the country. Break their hearts for this unevengelized land. Help them to learn the language.
7. There are different levels of missionaries; Let us pray for those that will renounce their present life and its comforts to truly go live with the people.
8. Lord, we pray that finances would be raised for the churches in B-H and the pastors and elders would know how to properly apply these monies toward the kingdom.
9. Let us pray for the city Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia Herzegovina. Ninty five percent Muslim is a curse that can stiffle any city. The prayer is; Lord, give Grace to the Christians that live there.
10. Oh, let your heart burn for Bosnia Herzegovina.
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