Monday, October 18, 2010

Pray for Bosnia-Herzegovina

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From my travels and extended stay in Former Yugoslavia twenty five years ago, the Serbs, Croats, Hungarians and Slovenes I talked to, said the people in Bosnia were considered backwards. Maybe Bosnia Herzegovina had less access to education and prosperity but as Christians we are to never measure people by such standards.
1) In the name of Jesus let us come against the spirit of poverty and backwardness. We speak prosperity to these beautiful people and this beautiful land of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
2) We believe that when men act upon the knowledge of the Lord they will prosper and be in health. Let us pray for the knowledge of the Lord, the Gospel that sets men free, to be proclaimed in Bosnia.
3) Lord, we ask You to pull down any hindrance to the preaching of the Gospel in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We ask for the removal of any authorities or magistrates that would want to restrict the Gospel. The same goes for any non-evangelical church or organization that would stand in the way.
4) Lord, we know from our past prayers for B-H, You are energizing the evangelical churches. Let us pray for open doors now for the churches to bless the culture around them. The people of Bosnia-Herzegovina are in need of a comforting word.
5) I can see it in the spirit, “a comforting word will set the captives free in Bosnia-Herzegovina”. Lord, we cry out for the hurting of B-H and ask that the “word of comfort” be released.


SARAJEVO -- Former member of Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency, Ejup Ganić – “Civil security in Bosnia-Herzegovina is very threatened and it is one of the reasons why refugees have not returned”, he said and added that there were no returnees at all in parts where police were not ethnically balanced.

Angelina Jolie Movie Permit Revoked in Bosnia. October 17th, 2010. War victims were outraged after reports in local media that the movie would describe a love story between a Muslim victim and her Serb rapist.

Jolie to get back license to film in Bosnia: Oct.18
Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is expected to get a new license to film in Bosnia after the authorities revoked the initial one over concerns about the script, a local producer said Saturday.
If you have time, go to Wikipedia and read up on the Bosnian War of the 90s. I’m sure your heart will be stirred to pray for the hurting of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

During the Bosnian War the saddest story I heard was of a family in Sarajevo that had to cut up their kitchen table to make a casket to bury a family member that had been killed. Because of the bombardment of the city, they could barely get out of their house.

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